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Chitchat - Leanne Watson



Favourite place to grab a bite to eat:
Wow so many great places! I love YY Beer house for international food, and for Chinese, it has to be the ‘Bavarian Beer House’ next to Tu Shu Da Sha .

Where do you love to spend your kuais at night? (You may name a favourite restaurant, bar, movie house, etc.,)
Nothing beats enjoying a nice bottle of imported wine and eating great snacks at Brownie’s Baestro Bar; especially in the summer when the live music is blasting out!

Favourite dish you’ve tasted in Tianjin?
Beef Steak with garlic butter and onions when served up by the chefs at Tairyo Japanese teppanyaki restaurants.

Which night do you prefer to go out in Tianjin? Why?
My days off are Monday and Tuesday, so Sunday night after work is a must!

Do you prefer to play or watch sports? Why?
Watch! I go to the gym and swim but just to relax.

Where do you and your friends usually hangout?
Coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and sometimes we have house parties.

What is the perfect spot in Tianjin? (Place where you think every traveller should go or everyone should experience)  
There are so many cool places. Ancient Culture Street is lovely but for a relaxing stroll with nice scenery- Shui Shang Gongyuan (Water Park) is great.

Which do you think is the perfect place to bring a date?
Sitting and enjoying a few drinks in the Italian style town or on Kai Feng Dao (the shopping street next to Xiao Bai Lou)

Last movie you watched?

Following any TV series lately?
I’m addicting to both Dexter and The Inbetweeners

Strangest thing you’ve seen in town?

Probably when I saw two old women fighting on a very crowded public bus, hitting each other with bunches of flowers and swearing at each other. I have seen so many strange things in China but it makes life interesting!

Best and worst aspects about living in Tianjin?
Best: Tianjin is a city of opportunities and it is so convenient to live here. You can get all the western comforts for affordable prices.
Worst: Like any big city, rush hour traffic makes me want to cry with frustration.

Happiest moment in Tianjin?
It’s hard to say which was the best time, but there have been some amazing nights in bars and KTVs with friends.

Any advice you’d like to give to Tianjin newcomers?
Take your time to find your way around the city. Check out the bars and restaurants when you get some free time and get involved with the expat community.

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