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Special Performances by Symphonia Vienna



The calibre of performances at the Tianjin Grand Theatre continues to surpass expectations, with big international acts coming to the city every month. On 27 & 29 December, the TGT will host special performances from the internationally acclaimed Symphonia Vienna. The line up will include some sensational orchestral classics from the Strauss family, as well as some Chinese orientated surprises. Here is what the band’s conductor, Mr. Raphael Schuesselberg, had to say to us:


Your previous performances in Tianjin made a deep impression on Tianjin’s audiences last year, will there be any changes made to the program this year?
During the China Tour, Tianjin audiences were very enthusiastic about the concert-often being silent to show the respect for our performance. I can feel that they are eager to appreciate this kind of live music.
It’s necessary that our orchestra brings the highest standard of concert and resonates with every kind of audience. It is not a simple issue for all orchestras. However, we will combine our own features to make changes on annual track arrangements, which is the fruit of our whole team’s professional work.
What are your impressions of China and the Chinese people?
Chinese people are friendly and passionate! It’s a great honour for us to get the cheers and encouragement from our lovely audiences! China is a country with full hope and potential.
We heard that there are two different programs you prepared, and highlights (or outstanding points that will draw people's attention) for each program? Would you please introduce us to 2 or 3 pieces from the program?
Yes, we did more work in details on the music tracks of China Tour concert. Apart from reserving our traditional music, we include more meaningful tracks such as Eduard Strauss’s Telephone Polka Fran莽aise Op.165 etc. Meanwhile, we add a piece of Chinese work adapted and re-composed by Mr. Shi Li, the famous musician. As for the name of this musical work, I won’t reveal it now! It’s a big surprise for our audiences!
Do you have a plan to invite Chinese artists to perform with the orchestra?
We would love to! We have cooperated with Ning Feng, the world-wide famous violinist. It was a really happy and fantastic cooperation! Now we are making other, similar plans as well.

Time: 19:30, 27 Dec, 2012 at Concert Hall, Tianjin Grand Theatre
         19:30, 29 Dec, 2012 at Tianjin Concert Hall
Price: CNY 120-1280


Address: Tianjin Concert Hall - No. 88, Jianshe Lu, Heping District 鍜屽钩鍖哄缓璁捐矾88鍙

                Tianjin Grand Theatre - Tianjin Cultural Centre, Yuexiu Lu, Hexi District 娌宠タ鍖鸿秺绉璺ぉ娲ユ枃鍖栦腑蹇

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