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2012 Russian Oil Painting Exhibition to open in Tianjin



At 10 a.m., 10 November, 2012 Russian Oil Painting Exhibition will open in Tianjin Western Art Gallery. The exhibition is hosted by Tianjin Administration of Cultural Radio, Film and Television, Tianjin Institute of Charity, Tianjin Cultural Industry Association and undertaken by Tianjin Western Art Gallery and Tianjin International Auctioning Co., Ltd.

All of the oil paintings on display are new works of contemporary Russian people’s artists, legion artists and emerging artists. The works present us with the marvellous landscapes and colourful ethnic customs in Russia. Some of them go beyond the realistic painting approach to stress subjective perception, while others employ exaggeration and a combination of lines and colour blocks so that they are full of decorative taste.

Amongst the artists who participate in the exhibition are 2 Russian people’s painters, 5 region painters and 8 Russian Fine Art Society members. Drozdov Vildary, famous Russian landscape painter and member of Academy of Arts and Sciences of Russia, is good at combining the broad space and time in a simple manner. His works will not fail to portray the ups and downs of mountains and convey a sense of boundlessness and vastness.

Part of the money from the painting auction will be donated to the Tianjin Institute of Charity.

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