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I.T Group is a Hong Kong based multi-brand shop, located in Joy-city shopping mall. Its two storied space features different brands which aims to explore glamorous rock styles for young casual wear. In this well-organised store you can find outfits for different occasions and different style. It is convenient for a last minute shop, as you can find everything you need to complete your look, with most of the brands including shoes and bags as part of their collections.

The brand: KATIE JUDITH was founded in 2009 and is one of the distinctive brands owned by I.T Group. With the aim of bringing inspirational young casual wear, it focuses on exploring cutting-edge silhouettes and is spiced up with rock style and sexy details, such as distressed fabrics, washed denims and lace- touching up with military studs and snaps; all together to project an edgy, sexy and powerful image.
The range: young casual wear
The collection: This winter collection is full of textured material, prints and details to provide young ladies with wardrobe essentials for work and leisure.
The item: Leopard motif sweater.

The Brand: SPIRAL GIRL highlights original, stylish and sexy designs which inspire thoughts of the 1980s icons. The look is rather sexy, wild and rebellious with a touch of femininity. An iconic blend of what we call spicy, cool and rock, spiral girl turns every girl into a sexy one.
The range: Women’s wear.
The collection: In this season collection we can find coloured skinny jeans- thoughtfully combined with smart white shirts and blazers. Black and white monochrome is seen in shirts and dresses, making the whole collection look classic and sophisticated.
The items: Studded collar white shirt.

The brand: Japanese label ROYAL PARTY, is a sister brand of Spiral girl also owned by Keisan CO. The brand is an emerging favourite amongst young, sexy and elegant office ladies.
The range: Women’s wear.
The collection: Royal Party simplifies the look, which is more about romance and femininity. Royal Party’s signature is its dresses; airy sheers and embellishments in neutral colours- as well as in sexy red or bright pink.
The item: Metallic brogues.

The Brand: RNA MEDIA is a Japanese label founded in 1984. RNA creates a girly and casual brand image by its iconic washed jeans and T-shirts, which are really popular on the Tokyo fashion scene.
The trends: Casual young wear
The collection: This collection is focused on  distressed and studded jeans combined with original printed T-shirts. Not a new style, but really cool and popular amongst youngsters.
The item: Tan saddle bag.

The Brand: Japanese label TOUT A COUP offers a superb range of young casual style, which is based on jeans-style. It creates fun and functional designs for trendy customers. The accessory range provides cool and chic footwear; full of details and unusual styles.
The Range: Women’s wear and accessories
The collection: The strong points in this winter collections are the light knits mixing neutrals with fluorescent colours. Striped sweaters are essentials. The footwear collection is original and fun, full of details and good quality.
The item: Unusual materials iphone cases

The Brand: Designer Yasuharu Isikawa is the founder of EARTH music and ecology, which has been around since 1995. The label offers a natural and relaxing feeling with a touch of sweetness. Specialising in denim and focused on the selection of high quality material to achieve a flattering silhouette
The Range: Women’s wear
The collection: Cosy textures and romantic prints are the main features of this collection. A mixed of boho style and utility shapes make the collection fun and wearable at the same time.
The item: Striped long leaves T-shirts.



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