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The Blues Brothers Party - for One Night Only



They have a full tank of beer, it’s dark, and they’re wearing sunglasses. It can only be The Blues Brothers Party night at Charlie O’s music bar.

The smart New Binhai Fashion Street is slowly becoming the Sanlitun of TEDA with nearly all the ultra modern premises now occupied by swanky restaurants and Bars. Among the leaders in this budding bar street is Charlie O’s with its distinctive entrance through a giant beer barrel.

Inside, great and popular musicians of the last 50 years from Louis Armstrong to Mariah Carey adorn the walls and decorate the island bar. Rock and blues music and live video performances provide the soul thumping, toe tapping background, for what is clearly, a venue that takes good music seriously.

Tom Murphy, joint owner with Charlie Osburn, is a big fan of the Blues Brothers movie as well as the bassist for Charlie O’s band. His idea for the theme night on Saturday 29th September had inspired a surprising number of customers to arrive suitable dressed in sharp, black suits and cool, dark shades. While some looked more like bouncers than Blues Brothers it showed the enduring reputation, at least among the western customers, for the cult film. Among the locals of course, most had never heard of the film and some were barely born at the time of its release, but it didn’t matter. They were here because some are musicians themselves, others are just ardent audiophiles come to hear, what is certainly, Tianjin’s top live band for the real music lover. 

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