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Escape to Longqing Gorge



Longqing Gorge is a little more than 50 miles northwest of Beijing, but the breathtaking natural beauty and fresh air can make you feel like a world away. It is the perfect day trip to escape the city and more than easy to reach on the 919 bus from Deshengmen bus station. The bus driver may mistake you for a misguided tourist en route to the Great Wall, as this spectacular destination is often missed by Western tourists. The journey only takes two hours followed by a short taxi ride. Legend says that even dragons visit Longqing Gorge to celebrate the natural beauty so it must to be good enough for you too!

Although the entrance fee is only CNY 40, you will also have to pay CNY 100 for the boat ride and CNY 50 if you choose to go on the cable car. Both of these are well worth it to enjoy the incredible views from high up and the magical view from the boat as it takes you along the beautifully clean river and through the mountains.

You need to allow yourself a whole day at Longqing if you really want to be able to cherish everything that it has to offer. Especially if you want to trek along the mountain top which gives immense satisfaction as you marvel at the views. If that is not exciting enough, another feature is a bungee jump nearly 50 metres above the river. This will definitely get you heart racing for only CNY 150 per person.

It is hard to imagine how anybody could be disappointed with Longqing Gorge, especially after coming straight from the city, but also because it has something to offer for everybody. It is a magical place for families, an exciting day out for those seeking an adventure and a spectacular trip for the curious traveller.

Longqing Gorge also has something to offer all year round as it features the much acclaimed Ice Lantern Arts Festival over the winter months. It takes place in January and February and features ice and snow sculptures and ice lanterns.

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