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A Mighty Delight



After a year in TEDA, the opening of any new restaurant is a tasty news story. But when I heard about the Mighty Deli, the implied promise of great Indian food really excited me. So, I felt rather foolish when I found out that the name related to the delicatessen it sits above rather than the capital of curry.

You enter the restaurant through the small shop, past a cool cabinet of cheeses and cured meats and up the stairs. This unconventional approach gave a secretive, slightly clandestine feel to the place, contrasting with the fresh, comfy and spacious interior you emerge into. The restaurant’s materials, the choice of furniture, even the music have a designer touch, but it has been done carefully enough so the result is neither clich茅d nor pretentious, whilst being original enough to feel personal.

The food menu is not extensive - always a good sign. Restaurants that offer everything possible, rarely do anything well, or indeed fresh. I skipped past the selection of traditional stomach fillers of sandwiches, burgers and pizzas, to the main courses. Reyfus, the English-speaking customer consultant, recommended the sea bream and the Angus sirloin steak. I was keen to sample the chicken curry.

The generous sized steak came with a red wine sauce and was beautiful; easily the best I had eaten for a long time. I chose the house red to accompany my steak, a French Bordeaux that had only arrived that morning. At CNY 15 a glass it was reasonable, but I hope may improve with standing.

The pan-fried sea bream was also very flavoursome, but I was eager to move onto the curry. It didn’t disappoint. The sauce had a great blend of Indian flavours sweetened with Pineapple. I like my curry slightly hot and this had enough heat to give a kick without over powering the other spices. If you need, you can cool the mouth with a large draft Tsingdao priced at a bar beating CNY 15.

All the food I sampled was good quality, so I was not surprised to learn that the chef used to be the head chef at the Renaissance hotel. I went to the Mighty Deli just hoping to find something new to eat. Top class food at an affordable price is, for me, very new.

Address: Ground floor store, No. 6, crossing of the 2nd Avenue and Xincheng Xi Lu, TEDA (Next to Sheraton Tianjin Binhai Hotel)
Tel: +86 6628 2425


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