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GIA Lounge



If you are looking for a more relaxed, intimate atmosphere than is currently available in many of Tianjin’s other bars and clubs, then look no further than the GIA lounge.

In terms of atmosphere, the first thing I noticed was that the GIA lounge is a lot darker and discrete than other bars in Tianjin. You won’t see names scrawled all over the walls and your eyes won’t be blinded by overly bright lights. This makes for a very personal atmosphere- which is perfect for dates. 

The music adds to this already intimate atmosphere to create a laidback ambience. DJs from Italy and Brazil play electro, house and dance which gives the GIA lounge a contemporary feel. One mistake the GIA lounge DJs don’t make is playing music to loud, so you never have to shout to make yourself heard.

One crucial point to note is that the GIA lounge hasn’t officially opened yet. The planned opening is in October, but if you still want to go there for a night out then don’t fear, I have assurances from Manager Benny and Head Chef Vincent that service will run until the last guest leaves. So if you truly desire that Vodka Stinger or Martini with a perfect steak at 5am, then all you have to do is ask.

The GIA lounge is open on the weekend and it isn’t busy before 11 pm, so getting seats is never a problem. However, I can’t guarantee seats for all on the many events that will be taking place before the opening.  One such event, 60 Volt, takes place on Friday 21 September and offers international DJs, free entry, and great drinks deals. 

For any cocktail bar, the drinks are crucial, and I’m happy to say the drinks do not disappoint.  Between the two of us, we tried four cocktails, with the original jiyazhiwen鍚夐泤涔嬪惢GIA Kiss, made by GIA’s experienced bartender, being the best.

There is a good selection of snacks and main dishes to choose from. Over the next few weeks, Head Chef Vincent will be cooking up several trial menus, so if you want to see what will be on offer from October, or want to provide some feedback, head on over!

Address: South of the intersection of Nan Menwai Street and Qinghe Street, Heping District
Tel: +86 22 2755 1668

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