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Tianjin Couples Tying the Knot: An insight into a Chinese marriage



Marriage is an incredibly important event in most people’s lives. Whether the thought of walking down the aisle is a joyous one or a terrifying prospect which you are to delay for as long as possible, the concept of wedding ceremonies remains as intriguing as any cultural event worldwide. Every wedding, in every part of the world, is unique in some way. Amongst different culture, the reasons, practices and expectations of marriage ceremonies differ significantly. We talked to a Tianjin couple, Mr. Li Kechao and Miss. Xu Nan, to gain an insight into their mindset leading up to the big day.

With the big day fast approaching, how do you feel about it? Are you nervous or excited?
The wedding ceremony is approaching. We are always under stress. Sometimes I wake up at midnight. The wedding details come to my mind and unfortunately I am unable to fall asleep.

Tell us about the event? What kind of ceremony and reception are you having?
Our wedding style is intimate and romantic, with some elaborate designs to bring surprises for all of our guests. Starting with violin playing, we will promise to each other after the wishing tree blossoms. What’s more, we will present our gifts, which we have made by ourselves, to each other’s parents. Bridesmaids and best men will sing songs for us and a surprising lottery will add a unique twist to the atmosphere.

What are the biggest tasks and preparations you have to make leading up to the ceremony?
The biggest and most difficult task is communication. The grand wedding ceremony involves two families. We need to know parents’ hobbies, requirements and the differences of their etiquette. Also, we have to discuss with the host, the stylist, the bridesmaids and the best man about every detail.

What do you see being the biggest challenges of married life and how do you feel about the future?
We think that the biggest challenges to making our future relationship a successful one will be communication and compromise. A couple has to learn mutual tolerance. In future life, the husband and wife should communicate more and consider each other’s feelings.

Finally, what advice do you have for couples who are thinking about getting married at some point in the future?
Firstly, the wedding ceremony is the most important day for a couple. Two families may have different opinions, but that is why they need to communicate with each other first.
Secondly, there’s no need to make the wedding too extravagant. Just make sure that each other’s parents and all of the guests feel happy during the wedding ceremony. An intimate and moving wedding will be a good start for the new married life!


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