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Terrific British Theatre Group takes to the stage in Tianjin



Idle Motion are a rising talents on the world theatre scene. Originally from the UK, the young group of performers are keen to showcase their artistic talents and creativity through their unique and wonderfully intriguing acts. They are currently touring Asia and in September they stopped off in Tianjin for a two day series of performances. Before they wowed the crowds at the Tianjin Grand Theatre on 15 and 16 September, we caught up with them and asked them some questions about their lives and work as performers on the big stage.

What expectations do you have for your performances in China?

This is our first time in China and we were unsure of what to expect. We have done a few performances in Beijing and have been really overwhelmed by how much the audiences enjoyed the shows. Every audience is different, even in different parts of the UK, so we never know how they will react but so far the response has been very positive and we hope that this continues.

As a theatre company, what have been the best memories of the last five years?
That is a tricky question! There have been many great moments over the last few years – award nominations, sell out shows, taking on the Edinburgh Fringe festival. Some of the best memories have been when we are making the shows all together as that is when we can be the most creative and playful but I think travelling around the world with The Vanishing Horizon and bringing it to Asia is definitely a highlight.

What do you think are the main differences between an international performance and a local performance? How do these affect the artists?

Occasionally different parts of the piece get a different response from the audience. It is always interesting for us to see what certain cultures find funny or moving and as artists we have to adapt to these on stage. On the whole though, it is quite difficult to tell the difference.  Because the show has many universal themes – family, travel, loss, freedom – it is very relatable for people, no matter where they are from, and this always leaves us feeling quite humbled.

Tell us some details of The Vanishing Horizon performance – what kind of feelings to you want to create amongst the audience
The Vanishing Horizon tells the story of a young woman called Anna who is going on a journey to collect the ashes of a grandmother that she never knew. As she does this, her partner James is recording a radio show about the female pioneers of flight. Through him we learn about incredible women like Beryl Markham and Amy Johnson who were the first women to fly and also about the history of aviation in general- which in itself is an amazing story. The show really centres on these men and women and how they risked everything to fly. It is about appreciating their efforts and what has come before – both in human history and your own family history.

After this international tour what is the future of the company?
When we get back in October we immediately launch into another UK tour and then we will devise a new show based on the life of Alan Turing, a British engineer and mathematician who created the first computer. After that we may consider a little holiday!


This event is part of the UK Now festival of British arts and creative industries.

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