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1 Beauty Salon
Nail colour is the new obsession; the most amazing varnishes, new colours every season, crazy nail art, gel manicures, spa treatments for hands and feet, everything is about looking after your nails and getting pampered. Getting the new colour for every season is the easiest way to be on trend without much effort, the only thing you need to know is where to get a good service and relax at the same time. 
We start our research visiting  鍑濆槈缇庡浼氶 (Kai SI Jia Mei Rong Hui Guan). Owner Ronnie Oh took us around to check the new facilities and talk us through all the treatments. 

2 Treatments

You can choose all type of treatments from a simple manicure and pedicure to all types of extra pampering including paraffin wax and hands and feet massage. The polishes are high quality, most of them OPI. You can get gel manicures with an extensive selection of colours. There are also different types of facials, body massages and waxing available. They offer packages whereby you can buy ten treatments together with a really good discount.

3 Place
Their new facilities at Tianjin Centre are brand-new and spacious. The main area is for nail services, with some private rooms for couples or friends that want to get their manicures and pedicures and share a good conversation. In a separate area there are private rooms to get facials and massages- most of them with a shower and changing area. They have done a really nice job with the decorations, including a little water fall at the entrance that makes you feel relaxed by the sound of the water falling. Most of the equipment is new and the staff are very friendly, although most of them don’t speak English, they have a small menu on reception with treatments and prices in English.

4 Service: The owner, Ronnie Oh, is in the place most of the time and is always ready to help and explain what the services and better options are. The staff members are really well trained, quick and efficient. Usually you don’t need to book in advance as they have plenty of space and staff.

鍑濆槈缇庡浼氶 Kai SI Jia Mei Rong Hui Guan

Address: Tianjin Centre Service Apartment (next to Raffles hotel) 45 floor
Tel: +86 22 8319 1201


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