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Chinese Idioms



K猫 Zh艒u Qi煤 ji脿n
Marking His Mark

A man from the state Chu was crossing the river on a boat. Due to his carelessness,  his sword fell into the water. Immediately he made a mark on the boat- “This is where my sword fell off.” he said. When the boat stopped, he jumped into the water to look for his sword at the place where he marked the boat. The boat had moved but the sword had not.

Example: The foolish way you educated your kid, is this not marking his mark?
                 浣犳暀鑲插瀛愮殑鎰氳牏鏂瑰紡 锛岄毦閬撲笉鏄湪鍒昏垷姹傚墤鍚楋紵
                 n菒 ji膩o y霉 h谩i z菒 de y煤 ch菙n f膩ng sh矛, n谩n d脿o b煤 sh矛 z脿i k猫 zh艒u qi煤 ji脿n ma 锛


h煤 ji菐 h菙 w膿i
The Tiger behind the Fox

A tiger caught a fox. The fox said, "You wouldn't dare eat me! The gods in Heaven have made me the leader of all animals. It would be a violation of the gods' mandate for you to make a meal of me! If you doubt it, let me walk in front, and you follow to see if any animal dares stand his ground.”
The tiger consented and went with the fox, nose to heels. Indeed, every animal that saw them fled. Amazed, and thinking that the fox was leader of all animals. The tiger went on his way.

Example: The dog barks hard when its owner is beside, it is the tiger behind the fox.
                 xi菐o g菕u zh菙 r茅n z脿i sh膿n bi膩n ji霉 hu矛 f猫i ji脿o, zh猫 ji霉 sh矛 h煤 ji菐 h菙 w膿i 銆

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