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Located in a small back alley off of Diantai Dao (at the same location the Spot Cafe use to be), Listener Coffee is a great new hangout spot. The cafe opened on 29 April after a complete renovation of the interior. The inside is very cozy and has plenty of comfortable seating. The walls are lined with old foreign vinyl records, giving the place an American 1960-70s retro vibe. The cafe has a wide selection of coffee; from standard drinks such as espresso (RMB 8) and cappuccino (RMB 18) to more specialty fruit and sweet coffees (RMB 20-30). They also serve tea, fresh fruit juices, and even cocktails such as a gin and tonic (RMB 20). If you get hungry while you are there, they have a kitchen where they prepare pastries, cookies and sandwiches.

You can sign up for a Listener Coffee VIP card for free and get a gift (my gift was an American style green tea cake which was absolutely delicious). The card is a sort of pre-paid loyalty card that also gives you a 10% discount, and if you come in on your birthday, everything is 50% off. There is a RMB 100 minimum to put on the card when you open your VIP account. If you are a student and you bring your ID and RMB 100, they will put a value of RMB 120 on your card.

Listener Coffee is open every day from 9 am until midnight. Every Tuesday evening there is an English corner from 7:30-10, a Chinese corner on Wednesdays, and in the future there will be Korean and Japanese corners on the weekends. The most unique characteristic of the cafe is the glassed in DJ booth. On nights where there is no language corner, you can watch the DJ work his magic and maybe even put in a few requests. Don't worry about the music being too loud, the cafe is focused on building a friendly atmosphere where strangers can meet, socialise, and become good listeners.


Address: Nanfufang Dajie, Diantai Dao, Heping District   鍜屽钩鍖虹數鍙伴亾鍗楁诞鎴垮ぇ琛




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