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Interview with hair stylist Andy


The story so far: Andy discovered he wanted to be a hair stylist when he was young and started cutting his own hair. Later in life he was trained by renowned salons such as Tony and Guy, in Shanghai and Beijing. In 1997 he opened his first salon and remained there for three years until he accepted the job of main hairdresser at Tianjin Sheraton Hotel. He worked there for ten years and gained experience and knowledge of Western styles and tastes. He now, once again, has his own hair Parlor, which is conveniently located inside Town Spa, and specialises in men and women’s hair cuts, colouring and every treatment related to hair.

Did you always want to be a hair stylist or did you start by chance?
From a very young age I knew I wanted to become a hair dresser.

You can do both male and female hairstyles. Which ones do you prefer to do?
I like to do both. But overall I prefer ladies as there are so many styles you can create, multiple hair coloring options, as well as highlighting.

What products and brands do you use on a daily basis?
All Wella products. Especially for hair colour.

Can you tell us some basic but effective hair care tips?
The first and most important thing is getting a good hair cut. Then you must take care of it when you get home. In order to do this a good shampoo and conditioner are essential, and you need to make sure that these are suitable for your hair type. Tianjin has a really cold and dry winter, and the water supply is not the best, so usually people suffer hair dehydration. Therefore, sometimes is necessary to apply hair masks or get some spa treatment for your hair.

Do you have hair Spa treatments?
Yes. We have a really good one which I always recommend during autumn or winter time when hair suffers the most

What is your advice about how often to wash the hair?
Living in Tianjin, which is an industrial city with polluted air, I recommend washing your hair everyday or every two days.

What do you find to be the most common mistakes women make with their hair?
There are two big mistakes; the first one is using too many products such as sprays and mousses which can damage the hair. The second one is colouring too often. Sometimes recolouring all the hair again is unnecessary, as retouching the roots can be sufficient.

What is the one hair-care tool or product you simply can’t live without?
I love using Wax, for both women and men. It is just perfect! It doesn’t damage the hair and makes it look natural and really soft.

Can anyone go red or blonde? Or do you feel some colours work best with certain skin tones and hair types?
It definitely depends on skin tones and hair type. For example, if I think my client is choosing a wrong colour for her/his features, I will softly suggest an alternative that will suit him/her best.

What do you think are the best trends for this summer?
For men and women this season, it is all about layers. And I recommend applying lighter colours for the Summer.

Which hair style is your favorite?
Whatever one makes my client happy!

Why do you think many foreigners choose you to style their hair?
Because I worked for so many years at the Sheraton Hotel Tianjin, many of my clients followed me and recommend me to new people in town. Having lots of experience with western people has allowed me to understand their different hair style tastes and this is important.

Finally, what tips and advice do you have for aspiring hair stylist who are just starting out?

The most important thing to know is to how to take care of the hair. A quality hair style is impossible without quality hair. The second thing is to keep hair looking natural. Natural is beautiful.

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