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Chinese Idioms



f霉 j墨ng q菒ng zu矛
Offer a humble apology

In the Warring States Period (475-221 BC), Lian Po and Lin Xiangru were both officials of the State of Zhao. Having rendered outstanding service, Lin Xiangru was promoted above Lian Po. Disgruntled Lian Po announced that he intended to humiliate Lin the next time he met him. Lin Xiangru, putting the benefit of the country first, avoided Lian Po in order to avoid causing conflict, thus bringing great shame on Lian Po. Later when Lian Po realised his mistake, he was so ashamed that he went to Lin’s home carrying brambles on his naked back and asking for punishment.

Example: Don’t be angry anymore! I am here to offer a humble apology.
                bi茅 z脿i sh膿ng q矛 le 锛亀菕 sh矛 l谩i  f霉 j墨ng q菒ng  zu矛 de 銆


d菐 c菐o j墨ng sh茅
Act rashly and alert the enemy

In ancient times there was a county magistrate who was corrupt and took bribes. One day, somebody sent him a petition accusing his secretary of corruption and taking bribes. The magistrate trembled as he read the petition. He wrote on it:"You have beaten the grass and frightened a snake."

Example:  The police are moving quietly as they fear that acting rashly will alert the enemy.
                 j菒ng  ch谩 qi膩o w煤 sh膿ng  x墨 de x铆ng  d貌ng  zhe y菒 mi菐n d菐 c菐o j墨ng  sh茅 銆



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