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Beijing鈥檚 Chilled and Relaxed Art Venue



Beijing鈥檚 22 International Art Plaza is a great place to relax, unwind and immerse yourself in creativity. Just southeast of Guomao, it鈥檚 an eclectic and ambitious urban complex, featuring studios, galleries, boutiques, apartments, bookshops, bars and restaurants - all centered around the three main buildings of the Today Art Gallery.

Launched in 2006 as the first non-government art museum, 'Today' is trying to be different by adding some class to the Beijing art scene. While the 798 may be the most well known venue for modern Chinese art, it鈥檚 far out of town and has definitely seen better days. 'Today' is more focused and selective, and is careful about delivering high quality modern and contemporary Chinese and international art, all within a quality setting.

The three main galleries host both permanent and temporary exhibitions. Coming up in June, artist Na Wei will challenge your idea of reality in 鈥淥bservation and Rhetoric鈥, featuring his combined use of photos, oil, and ink. Running till June 18th is 鈥淟ight, Sound, Movement鈥, displaying 鈥渁coustic drawings鈥 by Slovenian artist Milan Grygar, where the viewer can listen to the sound of the visual artwork.

Wander behind building 1, past the row of drunk and debauched bronze pigs, and be sure to catch the excellent 鈥淩esearch of Lost Time鈥 by young artist Ye Funa, in the Dialogue Space till June 17th. Funa questions the perception of political and personal history, juxtaposing original magazine cover shots and their 鈥渄octored鈥 equivalents. She even uses her own face to bring all the members of her recent family tree back to life. Over in building 2, one of the permanent exhibits not to miss is Miao Xiaochun鈥檚 stunning animation 鈥淢icrocosm鈥 (complete with Wagnerian soundtrack), which I challenge anyone not to be moved by.

The gallery also hosts lectures and educational workshops. For more details, check out

It鈥檚 never swarming with people. As a result, Beijing22 is a very chilled out and relaxing place to be, if you鈥檙e looking to escape the Beijing crowds, and let your mind wander.
The Today Art Gallery / Beijing 22 International Art Plaza is at 32 Baiziwan Lu, Chaoyang.

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