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Beijing鈥檚 Hidden Frozen Treats



Looking for something cool and refreshing to eat on your day out in the capital? Sure, Beijing has the big chains you know from home - Haagen Dazs, Coldstone Creamery & Baskin Robbins – but there are also some hidden locations where you can find delicious cold treats this summer!


Snowball Ice Cream

Having trouble picking which flavours you want? Well, head to Snowball. Here the ice cream comes in flash frozen marbles size balls instead of big scoops meaning you can have all your favourite flavours at the same time!

CC06, B-1 Oriental Plaza, Dongcheng District 涓滃煄鍖虹帇搴滀簳涓滄柟骞垮満鍦伴搧灞侰C06


Craving real gelato- like the kind you’d get in Rome? Then Gustomenta is the place to go, with 2 dedicated stores and over 20 locations around the city selling its gelato! The family behind this place has 60+ years of gelato making experience in Italy, so you can be sure you’re eating the freshest, tastiest, natural gelato around.

Just Make building, No.55-1, XingFuCun Mid Road, Chaoyang District 鏈濋槼鍖哄垢绂忔潙涓矾55-1鍙锋澃搴уぇ鍘

No.29 Sanlitun Road north side, Chaoyang District 鏈濋槼鍖轰笁閲屽悲璺寳娈29鍙锋ゼ涓滀晶

Sunberry Frozen Yogurt

Choosing the flavour will be the easy part once you see Sunberry’s topping options from fresh seasonal fruits, to sweet favourites like chocolate chips, skittles, pocky sticks and even red beans. For a lighter, healthier option than traditional ice cream, Sunberry’s frozen yoghurt is just the thing.

Zhongguancun - B1, Gate City Mall, Zhongguancun, Haidian District 娴锋穩鍖10 (娴锋穩榛勫簞), Exit A2 to the Gate City Mall 鏂颁腑鍏宠喘鐗╀腑蹇

Houhai - South Shichahai and Qianhai, 10 meters away from East Shore Jazz, near the Di'anmen Post Office, Dongcheng District 涓滃煄鍖轰粈鍒规捣鍓嶆捣鍗楁部(杩戝湴瀹夐棬閭眬)

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