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Chitchat - Johannes Langguth



Johannes Langguth   
22, German   
Works at HAHN+KOLB Group


1. Favourite place to grab a quick bite?
Subway – a healthy sandwich after a hard workout at the gym.

2. Where do you love to spend your kuais at night?
I love YY Beer House, not only because of their beer but also because of their great Thai food.

3. Favourite dish you’ve tasted in Tianjin?
To be honest, I have many favourite dishes. The dumplings are great, and the hotpot is a must. In general, every Chinese dish is great. Some may be exotic, but just try it!

4. Do you prefer to play or watch sports?
I love both, playing sports (soccer) and watching it. It is absolutely great that you can watch European leagues on the Chinese TV.

5. Where do you and your friends usually hangout?
We go to Starbucks on Nanjing Lu or Camino Cafe in the afternoon on weekends. By the way, Camino serves great waffles! Check it out.

6. The perfect spot in Tianjin?
Tourists should know “Ancient Culture Street” not far from the centre of Tianjin. Great restaurants, nice houses – just go there and enjoy.

7. Where is the perfect place to take a date?
There are plenty, but I prefer to bring a date to a hotpot restaurant. Why? Sharing a hotpot creates a nice atmosphere and is great fun.
8. Last movie you watched?
Die Hard with a Vengeance. Just great if you want to see Bruce Willis when he still had some hair.

9. Strangest thing you’ve seen in town?
An ambulance stuck in traffic jam, yet nobody made any lane changes. An ambulance waiting in the traffic jam would  be impossible back home in Europe.

10. Worst and best about Tianjin?

Probably the best about Tianjin is the small expat community. That means, everybody knows everybody and although Tianjin is a big city, it feels like you are in a village. Since I am from a small village, it feels like “home”. But a coin has two sides. Having such an “undeveloped” foreign community also results in having less Western places compared to Beijing or Shanghai.

11. Any advice to Tianjin newcomers?
Just go to the very few Western places like Helen’s, Sitong, Scarlet, and so one. If you go there, you will meet great people who will help you “survive” here.


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