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Chitchat - Josue Quispe Mayta



Josue Quispe Mayta
Bolivian, Student at Tianjin University


1. Favourite place to grab a quick bite:
Mc Donald’s…I love their chicken hamburger with coke.

2. Where do you love to spend your kuais at night?
I love the restaurant Helen’s because they have great food and drinks.

3. Favourite dish you’ve tasted in Tianjin.
There are many delicious dishes that I’ve tasted here such as pizza and pasta but I especially like hotpot because you can  prepare and choose what you like eating. That's why it’s one of my favourites.

4. Do you prefer to play or watch sports?
I prefer to play sports like soccer and indoor soccer. These sports are brilliant, and I like playing them very much.

5. Where do you and your friends usually hangout?
We often go to Binjiang Dao which is close to Nanjing Lu. Some weekends we go to the Water Park in Weijin Nanlu.  I actually think Tianjin has many beautiful places to visit.

6. The perfect spot in Tianjin.
Every tourist should go to Food Street. It has many restaurants with different kinds of food and the architecture there is also very interesting.

7. Where do you think is the perfect place to take a date?
Go to a good Chinese restaurant and eat dumplings, hotpot, and other delicious Chinese dishes. Chinese restaurants have  great variety and foods are usually delicious.

8. Last movie you watched.
Shanghai kid. It’s great to see Jackie Chan when he was still young. The film is also very comical.

9. What would you like to experience in Tianjin this summer?
First, I’d like to know and visit more beautiful places in Tianjin. Then, I’d like to take advantage of the weather and go swimming with friends.

10. What do you think are top three things any foreigner must experience in Tianjin?
Just enjoy the city, visit beautiful places and have fun at the maximum with your local and foreign friends.

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