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Chitchat - Ozzie


30 years old
Filipino, Vocalist of Band A1 Promotion, plays at Sitong Bar


1. The best restaurant in Tianjin.
YY Beer Resto for Thai food. For dumplings I like Dong Fang Zhi Zhu (Hong Kong Resto), for pizza we always go to Papa John’s ,and for romantic dates we go to Trattoria Italiana.

2. Favourite drink. 
I rarely drink alcohol but when I do, I’d prefer a Mojito.

3. Where’s a good place to do a shopping spree?
Oh, I love Shuguang Li! I have big feet so I can get big sizes there. I also order stuff from

4. Favourite place to hang out with friends.
As I work at night so I hang out where I work which is Sitong Bar and Sitong Restaurant.

5. Favourite dating place in Tianjin.
Cold Stone Ice Cream Shop and Italian Style Town…it feels like we’re in a different country when we go there.

6. Last movie you watched. 
Warrior and Wrath of the Titans…Warrior made me cry.

7. Currently playing in your iPod.
Lucky by Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Caillat.

8. Strangest thing you’ve seen in town.
Women driving taxis and buses. You will rarely see this in my country. I find it strange but I also find it really cool.

9. Worst and best about Tianjin.
I love Tianjin because it is safer compared to the other places I’ve been to. I can walk around until the wee hours of night and even until morning and would be fine- even if I’m alone. The worst would be the weather but it’s still bearable.

10. Sitong Bar is quite popular in Tianjin, what do you think makes Sitong special?

If you like to mingle, Sitong is the place to meet guest from different parts of the world. If you like music and dancing, we offer you music of different genres. We have ladies night during Tuesday, Latin on Wednesday, Hip-hop on Thursday, T.G.I.F every Friday, Saturday Night Fever every Saturday, and if you enjoy mellow music, Sunday and Monday nights are for you.

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