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Chitchat - Arzu Suzmen



Arzu Suzmen
37 years old, Turkish
Fashion Marketing and Management Lecturer at Raffles Design Institute, Tianjin


1. What do you do?
I work as a Fashion Lecturer in Raffles Design Institute and basically teach about fashion marketing, merchandising, advertising, communications, and history of costume. I do projects with the students like organise events and fashion shows as a part of their learning process.

2. What’s your impression of Tianjin?
I came to Tianjin after working and living in Shanghai for four years. Shanghai was more dynamic and international so my first impression was that Tianjin is a slower city which needs to be developed especially in terms of cultural events and arts.

3. Top 3 best restaurants in town.
My student took me to `Jie Tou An Hao Chain` and I loved the Sichuan food there. I also like Chateau 35 and YY Beer House.

4. Favourite local delicacies/dishes.
I love to eat all kind of street foods. I guess this is a habit I got from Shanghai and my favourites are Xinjiang style barbeque, all kind of noodles, and mala tang.

5. Favourite drinks. 
Like all the Turkish people my favorite drink is `raki` since it makes me feel home and also mojito.

6. Where’s a good place to do a shopping spree?
I like the spirit and excitement of Nanjing Road and Bing Jiang Dao, they’re my favourite places for shopping especially Milenio and Isetan Shopping Malls.

7. Favourite shop, hairdresser, or spa. 
My favourite shop in Tianjin is a Chinese contemporary fashion brand JNBY.I love their creative and multi-functional designs. For hair,  I go to Toni and Guy in Beijing.

8. Favourite place to hang out with friends.

I love AJO`s relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

9. Favourite dating place in Tianjin.
Tianjin Eye…

10. Currently playing in your music player.
Always Alanis Morissette and Guns and Roses .

11. Strangest thing you’ve seen in town.
As a fashion teacher, I think the strangest thing I saw are the ladies riding bikes with tulle veil covering their faces! Kind of cool!

12.  Worst and best about Tianjin.

The best is being safe and the worst would be the lack of art and cultural events.

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