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Long lazy days, breezy afternoons, summer blockbusters, pretty painted toenails, colourful sunglasses, funky flip flops, outrageous rooftop parties, sweet fruit smoothies, and marvelous beers, beers, and more of them! These are some just of the things we love about summer. Forget cold nights, summertime opens up a range  of potential outdoor activities. However, as the temperature rises, you might find yourself melting under the afternoon sun – sweaty, moody, feeling uncool – and it doesn’t even matter that you’re wearing your favourite pink sundress. But before cursing the heat of summer and all its inconveniences, how about you take some friendly advice - drop that spiteful attitude and embrace summer by enjoying it to the fullest. How can you do this? Let Tianjin Plus be your guide to all things summer.

Summer Treats: Ice Cream and Cold Drinks

Say this out loud: “I scream, you scream…we all scream for ice cream!” Nothing tastes as good as heavenly cold ice cream melting in your mouth as temperature does its best to dampen your mood. No way! With ice cream and other cold drinks, summer becomes refreshingly bearable. Hundreds of ice cream shops and cold drink stores are dotted around the city, and this is especially true during summertime when people crave cold drinks whilst the sun is at its peak.
For cold drinks, Magnetic Capital, Aocheng Area in Nankai District has two of the most popular cold drink stores - Ding Tea and CoCo. The good thing about these two places, aside from their English menu, is that they offer healthy, quality drinks. Ding Tea ( is popular for their Red Beans Milk Tea, Bubble Milk Tea, Passion Fruit Green Tea and Grapefruit Green Tea, with prices ranging from 6 RMB to 13 RMB. CoCo (, located right outside Paris Baguette in E-Mart, offers 57 healthy drink choices with 7 new drinks this season. You may want to try their Rose and Blueberry Slush, Mint and Grass Smoothie, and Lemon Green Tea with Cucumber Jelly. These represent healthy, refreshing and totally cool summer treats for everyone.
For your ice cream fix, Swensen’s, the American Ice Cream Parlour is now in Tianjin! Now you can enjoy luscious ice cream sundaes in a cozy and unpretentious ambience.  With over 200 ice cream parlours all over the world, Swensen’s is a welcome addition to the many international ice cream brands available in Tianjin. Swensen’s has 15 ice cream flavours available, all of which are imported from Singapore including Frosted Chocolate Malt, Old Fashioned Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Durian and Pistaschio Almond, to name a few. Must-try is their Giant Earthshaker with more than 8 scopes of different ice cream flavours topped with nuts, chocolate syrup, and cheeries that is sure to take your summer blues away! Visit Swensen’s and satisfy your ice cream cravings this summer! (Swensen’s Ice Cream 缇庡浗瀹g洓鏂啺娣囨灄1F, Bldg. 6, Jinwan Plaza, No. 48, Jiefang Bei Lu, Heping District   鍜屽钩鍖鸿В鏀惧寳璺48鍙锋触婀惧箍鍦6鍙锋ゼ1妤 T: +86 22 2321 9299)

Summer Escape: River Cruise and Picnic

Feel the breeze of the Haihe River and go on a Haihe River Cruise (100 RMB/30 minutes). The Haihe River waterfront hosts some of the most significant areas of Tianjin including Laolongtou Railway Station, one of China’s oldest railway station, the Haihe Cultural Square, the Ancient Culture Street and the Temple of Compassion.  At night, the Haihe River Cruise provides a stunning view of  illumined bridges, buildings and parks; reflecting Tianjin’s pulsating and vivacious spirit.
If picnic is your thing, pack food and laze around the Tianjin Water Park or Nan Cuiping Park (Dui Shan Gongyuan) for a late afternoon’s down time. Renting a small boat for an hour or two is also a popular activity amongst these places, so whether you’re bringing your entire family or just with a group of friends, visiting these parks could give you the summer escape you so needed.


Summer Must-Haves: SPF Lotions, Umbrella, Hats, and Sunglasses

Wearing less means exposing your skin to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which may cause sunburn, premature wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and worst of all, forms of skin cancer. Prolonged exposure may also cause acute and chronic health effects on the skin, eyes, and immune system. So, to protect yourself from the damaging rays of the sun, SPF lotions (choose carefully, some are allergic to lotions with higher SPF), umbrellas, hats, and sunglasses should be your best friends this season.


Summer Eats: Al fresco Dining

Al  fresco dining is most favourable during summer with good weather and a good atmosphere ideal for outside dining. In Tianjin, numerous restaurants and coffee shops offer this luxury. Drop by the Italian Style Town and see for yourself. A plethora of restaurants from different shores – Italian, German, Thai, French and an abundance watering holes offer the experience of enjoying a breezy evening under the cool summer night. Go visit Brasserie Flo Tianjin,  Trattoria Italiana, Pattaya Thai Restaurant or La Seine French Restaurant and for good beer, go to Bavaria, Beer American House and Paulaner.
Should Italian Style Town be too far, Magnetic Capital in Nankai District houses some of the best al fresco restaurants in town, take for example Aulare Urban Latin Restaurant which serves the best Paella in town or, head on to Hank’s Sports Bar and Grill for good burgers, steaks, and pizza.


Summer Bucket List: 15 Things to do in Tianjin this summer

Life is too short for just staying at home and complaining about your Freegate or Hotspot connection failure (again?!). Go out this summer and experience something wonderful. Should you run out of ideas on what to do in Tianjin, here’s a Summer Bucket List recommendation that you may check out and do before the season ends.

15. Take a dog for a walk (if you don’t have one, borrow someone else’s)
14. Dance to Carly Rae’s “Call Me Maybe”
13. Watch a summer blockbuster. MIB 3 or Hunger Games, anyone?
12. Fly kites.
11. Try Zumba for fitness.
10. Rent a bike and explore Wudadao.
9. Buy cultural trinkets at Ancient Culture Street.
8. Get the feel of Italy by visiting Florentia Village in Wuqing District.
7. Get an invigorating massage.
6. Eat watermelons. Or better yet, eat watermelons at the park on a balmy afternoon! !
5. Visit Tianjin Culture Centre (don’t wear high heels when exploring this place).
4. Find a swimming pool and take a dip.
3. Bar hop to more than 3 bars in 1 night, keyi ma? (Read: Duke Bar, Scarlet, Sitong…why not?)
2. Have a slumber party with friends and then go to a McDonald’s for breakfast.
1. Fall in love. Take a date to the Haihe River Cruise then splurge on food in Italian Style Town.


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