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Chinese Valentine鈥檚 Day



Love is in the air once again…

Chinese Valentine’s Day or Qixi falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar calendar and is the only Chinese festival devoted to love. If you ask one of your Chinese friends about the origin of Qixi, chances are you’re going to hear about the story of two well-loved mythical characters – Zhi Nu and Niu Lang. Zhi Nu is the seventh daughter of the Queen of Heaven who fell in love with a poor cowherder named Niu Lang. Despite their difference in stature, not to mention the many challenges that faced them such as distance and defiance, the couple waited for each other with a firm belief that their love could withstand the test of time.

Traditionally a festival for ladies, Qixi is believed to be the best day for girls to perform some rituals so that they may become more skillful and pretty. For the unattached, it is the day to pray hard to find the love of their lives, while for the married ladies, it is the day to wish for a blissful and fruitful marriage and bear sons.

While modern society doesn’t necessarily celebrate such traditional rituals during this festivity, the spirit of two mythical lovebirds Zhi Nu and Niu Lang lives on and Chinese culture celebrates the glory of love during Qixi.  Zhu Hong, happily married and currently the financial director of Tianjin Historical Architecture Ltd., Co. shares to Tianjin Plus her ideas about love and some other things that make it work.

Chinese love quote I live by: “Together or apart, life or death, we’ve made our oath, you and I. Give me your hand to hold and live with me until we’re old.” –  from Shi Jing (The Book of Songs)

An ideal relationship is…one with no constraints and something that is not overbearing. It is also ideal for both individuals to be independent. It’s important to be friends with each other, even like parents to each other, and being each other’s confidant. When one gets tired, he/she will know the other half is home and love is their harbour.

One “love tip” I would like to share with others is that…know each other well and get along with each other without any doubts in your relationship or marriage.

For Chinese Valentines’ Day, my husband and I will… most likely have a simple celebration. We will stay at home together and maybe watch a good movie. There’s no specific or definite plan for this kind of celebration. What’s more important is sharing happiness and being spontaneous rather than to celebrate in a fixed manner.

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