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British Vocal Group sensation Blake comes to the Tianjin Grand Theatre



Tianjin Grand Theatre is proud to host one of the hottest acts on the planet! British boy group Blake are not your average singing quartet, they are a four man classical vocal group with sensational voices. On 1 August they will take to the stage at Tianjin’s best music venue. Tianjin Plus caught up with them during their tour of China to find out more about this incredible act. 


Firstly, we know how prolific you are now but could you give our readers some background about how you formed and your rise to fame. (Jules)

Blake formed almost 6 years ago in London, when we reunited as old friends on Facebook, messaging each other about the idea of forming a singing group that would combine both pop and classical songs in harmony. At the time we were all in various day jobs or studying classical singing, so when we were suddenly signed to a major record label as 'Blake' it was our ultimate dream come true.


What would you say are your biggest achievements to date? (Stephen)

In 2008 we collected our first BRIT Award, for best album, at huge ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall. The BRIT Awards are the English equivalent of the Grammy Awards, so to win such a prestigious prize in our first year together as a band was both humbling and hugely motivating. We have also performed for the Royal family at Buckingham Palace and at the opening of the Wimbledon tennis championships.


So how does it feel to be performing here in China? (Ollie)

It's an honour to be giving our first live shows in China and we look forward to experiencing Chinese people’s reactions to our music. From our experience at the Shanghai International Film festival this year, we believe that Chinese audiences are very warm and will hopefully be uplifted by our big live shows. The Chinese have a wide and impressive history of art and music, we are bringing them our uniquely British harmony music sound, so it should be a special experience both for audiences and ourselves on stage.


You are currently on an international tour, what is it like to travel around the world and do shows in many different countries? (Humphrey)

Travelling the world is huge fun and we enjoy meeting new people from cultures different from our own. It's only when we actually get to a new country, perform there, undertake television performances, try the food, see the sights and spend time with the people, that we truly begin to understand what makes that part of the world so special. 


Finally, what does the future look like for Blake? (All)

The future with Blake is always super busy; we even know we have concerts in 2014 in various parts of the world! We have our fourth studio album release in the UK in autumn this year- which is our first to include lots of original songs, unique to Blake, rather than cover songs only. In 2013 we will be touring in Australia, the USA, Europe and hopefully China again. Let's hope this first major tour is a success for us, so that we can return many times in the future!

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