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Dancing Queen of Tianjin



What amazes many about Lan Fei is with her stature and popularity, she remains down-to-earth and grounded, not to mention humourous and approachable. Lan Fei, dubbed Tianjin鈥檚 Dancing Queen, has won many local and international awards in dancing. Most noteworthy amongst them is her first prize win in the International Belly Dancing Competition in Egypt in 2009. With a hectic schedule - managing her dance school, preparing for a Belly Dancing Conference in Egypt that will happen later this year, and tending to her family as wife and mom 鈥 it wouldn鈥檛 be a surprise for one to get overwhelmed鈥ut not so with Lan Fei. She remains cool and composed, just as a queen should be. Here, Tianjin Plus interviews the dancing queen鈥


First, tell us how or when you started dancing?

I started dancing when I was in kindergarten so all in all I鈥檝e been dancing for almost 20 years. I guess it鈥檚 because I like music a lot and incorporating music and dance gives you that happy feeling. I like to spread the idea of music, movement, and of feeling healthy. 


You have individually won many different kinds of dancing awards. Which one is the most important to you?

It should be the award I won three years ago in Egypt. It was the International Belly Dancing Competition and there were about 200 participants from all over the world. It was surreal when my name was called and I was announced the first prize winner.


Now, about Lanfei International School of Dance. When did you open this school and why?

With my passion for dancing, I opened this school to teach others how to dance and to also spread the idea of music and movement. I opened this dance school in 2000 and recently we have just moved into a bigger location here in the Ling Ao area.


What are the goals of students who enroll in your school?

There are two types of students who enroll in our classes. The first type is those who enroll because they want dance to be their career. They have specific trainers to teach them what they need. Another type is those who enroll because they wanted to be healthy and they think dancing is a good way to keep fit and also to have fun.


What are the different dance classes you offer?

We offer all kinds of classes 鈥 Belly Dancing, Latin, Hip Hop, Pole Dancing, you name it. Aside from that, we also offer Yoga, Pilates and other health exercises. In fact, in this new school, we also have a gym for health buffs to go to. In our dance classes, we train our students and teach them, and if they鈥檙e really good, we also look for opportunities for them to teach dancing once they graduate.


About your instructors, what sort of training did they go through before qualifying as instructors?

Firstly, they must have great talent in dancing. Also aside from the specific qualifications we look for, they also must be dance instructors for at least three years. Currently, our school has more than 20 instructors who are all very talented and passionate about what they do.


Now, which kinds of dance are most popular amongst students in your school?

It depends on the month and season. These past months, Latin and Belly Dancing are so popular. However, there are months when more students go to Hip Hop and Jazz classes.


Lastly, there are people out there who are passionate about dancing. What advice would you like to share with them?

Enroll in our school (laughs). Many people love dancing but they don鈥檛 really know which specific dance they should enroll or focus on. Our dance school can help them. Our instructors can help them find their niche, and will support them from day one to the time they have reached all of their goals. 


Lanfei International School of Dance 钃濊彶鍥介檯鑸炶箞瀛﹂櫌

A: Bldg. G, third-phase, Ling Ao Creativity Industry Zone, Lingbin Lu, Nankai District


T: +86 138 2195 8720

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