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It’s the Kids’ World at Tianjin Hila City



With the advent of technology, many kids are stuck at home, torn between playing with I-Pad or watching TV. Nothing wrong with that, the problem comes when kids spend countless hours on them, therefore missing out on the many enjoyable things they’re supposed to explore.


Enter Tianjin Hila City, a colourful 38,000 square metres museum and park that will surely put smiles on every kid’s face. Groomed as one of the major tourism projects in Tianjin, Hila City is considered as kids’ “career exploration park” providing 61 venues for them to explore, and over a hundred different kinds of professional work. From fashion design to journalism to cake making, aviation, banking, calligraphy, performance art and so many more; kids have fun whilst learning different kinds of skills in various venues. 


So set aside the I-Pad, bring your kids to Tianjin Hila City, and see them become independent, socially aware, grateful, self-confident, sociable, competent and learn to understand the meaning of teamwork whilst simultaneously having fun playing and working with others.



Kids Experiencing Tianjin Hila City


Sunday is the busiest day for Tianjin Hila City as kids, accompanied by their parents, giddily troop to the park to experience the joy of exploring the different roles the park offers. Kids milking cows, making cakes, preparing sushi, and taking the role of a photographer were  just some of the kids Tianjin Plus interviewed.



Guo Yi Lin (Linda)

7 years old

Attended the Alpine Pasture


1. How was the process of cow milking?

I like it but it’s difficult. I’ve been here in Hila City twice, but it’s my first time to join the Alpine Pasture Experience.


2. How was your teacher?

I have to say very good… excellent!


3. How about your workmates?

They carefully did what the teacher told and taught them.  I think we all learned something and it was a fun process.


4. So what exactly did you learn?

I learned how to milk a cow without any help from adults!


5. You’ve been here twice. Are you coming again?




Lin Kai Chun (Chengcheng)

6 years old

Attended Cake Making Class


1. So you like making cakes?

Yes! It was fun doing it and the process is easy.


2. Will you come and join the class again?

No. I am only allowed to attend each class once. But I will go and attend other classes.


3. Can you make your own cake now?

Yes! I think I can do it by myself as it is not difficult.


4. Will you teach me how to do it?

Sure, I will! (laughs)



Mei Wen Tao

8 years old

Attended Yummy Sushi Making


1. How was sushi making? Was it difficult for you?

It should be difficult but because of the teacher’s help and instruction, it was easy.


2. So how many students were there in sushi making?

There were four of us and we have one teacher.


3. So after attending sushi making class, can you now say that you can make sushi by yourself?

Yes, I think I can now. I can tell you the basic process of sushi making. First, prepare the seaweed. Then cook and prepare rice and put vegetables such as cucumber and carrots as well as some meat  onto the seaweed. The next step is to roll the seaweed and cut them using a knife.


4. Sounds like you learned a lot today…

I do. The teachers here are good and I’m looking forward to other classes that I can join later.


5. Will you come here again?

Yes, for fun and to learn many other things.



Song Huan

8 years old

Attended the Journalism Class


1. What are you doing at this time?

I’m now a photographer so I’ll be going around taking photos.


2. You have a nice camera. Is that yours?

No. This is provided by my teacher so that I can practice what was taught to me.


3. So you know how to use this now?

Yes, here are some of the pictures I have taken (shows some photos). I took photos of architectures in the area.


4. Do you want to be a photographer in the future?

Yes, I would love to be. I like taking photos and from what I learned today, I think I can take my own photos now.


5. Is it a good experience for you to come here?

Yes! I learned something and I like my new friends, classmates and the whole environment of the place.



The Teachers

Hiring almost 400 teachers, teachers at Tianjin Hila City went through intensive training to ensure they knew how to handle different types of kids as well as fully convey to them the purpose of what they’re teaching. For future pastry chefs, kids wouldn’t want to miss out on Sunmile Bakery, the park’s venue for cake making. Here’s what the teacher told Tianjin Plus:


Teacher Ding Zhixin

Teaches Cake Making

The Process: “First, we distribute chiffon cake and butter to every kid. We then teach them how to hold the scraper well and then to use it on their own. They’ll even out the butter that was distributed on top of their cakes and then we will distribute fruits to them and they’ll decide on how to decorate their cakes. For mother’s day, we encouraged the kids to offer their cakes to their mums and to say “I love you” to them. We also encourage kids to name their cakes creatively like one kid named his cake Automan because he is very fond of watching the show. Another kid calls her cake Crying Grandpa because to her, the two cherries that she decorated on her cake looked like tears.”

Teaching Kids: “To make sure kids understand what I teach them, I ask them questions during the process of making the cake making. Before the class ends, I also ask them again and as their reward, I give them candies when they give me the right answer. They can then put these candies on their cakes as added decoration. Kids all have different skills from one another, there are kids who can easily follow what I teach them while others, especially the young ones, may struggle a bit more. What I do is that I assist those who are having difficulty so that they can still learn a lot from the class.”



Tianjin Hila City 希乐城

A: Fusheng Dao and Wanhui Lu Intersection, Xiqing District (beside Caozhuang Flower Market) 


Contact Person: Mr. Zhang Qiang

M: +86 139 2097 5539 

T:  +86 22 2739 1219

E: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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