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Mother’s Day Special:“To mum, with love”



Mum, mama, mom, mother, or any other words of endearment we call them, they are and always will be a very important part of our lives. Their love, pain, and sacrifice to give us comfortable lives are unimaginable. It is said that a human body can only bear up to 45 del (unit of pain) but at the time of giving birth, a mother feels up to 57 del. This is equivalent to 20 bones getting fractured at the same time.  Yet, that is only the initial stage of what a mother can bear to raise a child and make her child’s life wonderful. Their endless care and unconditional love is truly worthy of honour and celebration.


Tianjin Plus spoke to four international students from some Tianjin universities about their mums and what they share perfectly reflect the essence of a mother. Plus, there’s no other excellent way to greet mum on Mother’s Day than by writing a letter to honour and celebrate her and to simply say, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mum!”



Olufemi Lawal

Nigerian student at Tianjin Polytechnic University 


“The greatest advice I got from my mum is to treat others well irrespective of their position or yours because kindness is more a gift to yourself than it is to others.” 


Dear mum, 

Hope all is well with you. I’m writing to say thank you mum because I don’t think I’ve said it enough. I haven’t told you how you’ve been my hero, how you made me believe in myself and urged me to pursue my dreams, how you made all the right choices for me when I didn’t know any better. So thank you for all the sacrifices you have made and are still making for me. I would try my best to grow up to be the man you saw that I could be. Thank you mommy, you are all a son could ever ask for. 




Lucy Marie Motch

American student at Tianjin University of Technology 


“My mother, Leonora, is outgoing. Her laughter is contagious, cheeky in a goofy way, when she shares secret giggles or roaring hysterics at the comedy of normal life. She has no fear of being a clown in front of others and has the gift of making nearly any moment a prize-worthy “silly situation.” One of the things I respect about my mother is her ability to relate to people of all walks, in one of the least judging manners I've ever witnessed.  I also respect her ability to love selflessly and to help or give to others without reservation.” 



There is a beautiful infectious joy in you that people enjoy and, I think, need. Beginning in my teenage years, I know I trampled on this joy and added scars to your heart with my hurtful words and rejection of your love. I am so sorry.  The truth is - you are beautiful and intelligent. You do light up a room. Your smile is radiant and invites others to smile with you. You have an amazing ability to give joy. Thank you for raising me, for sacrificing so much for my growth.  




Komuhangi, Brenda Takenzire

Ugandan student at Tianjin University 


“Now that I’m in my 20s, my mum and I are very good friends and we talk about everything and anything and the most random of things from how my days are going to her latest project at work. The fights we had the years before seem so insignificant now. Sometime I think back to those times and I’m glad for my mum’s unwavering nature for without it, I shudder to think how I would have turned out.” 


I think of myself as a one whose feet are firmly planted on the ground but what most people do not see is that below that ground, you are the roots that keep me from being blown away by the winds of life. When I’m in doubt, I search my brain for a nugget of wisdom about that specific situation that you might have mentioned to me, when I find it I rejoice and when I don’t, I call you! You are a blessing and I am proud to be called yours. I love you.



Magda Elisabet Wimenta

Indonesian student at Tianjin University of Technology 


“My mother and I are just like close friends. We often share many ideas and she always reminds me that if other people became successful, I can also be that way, or even better.” 

To my beloved mum,

I will never be able to measure how proud I am having a tough and smart mother like you. I am glad to have a supportive mum who lets me improve to naturally become who I am. I’m so sorry if sometimes I did unexpected actions that hurt you. I’m thankful that you are one of the biggest part of my life. I love you Mum.


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