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Le Foie Gras Sous Toutes Ses Coutures



“The Foie Gras In All Its Glory”






hef Arnaud of Tianjin’s Brasserie FLO has created dishes inspired by Foie Gras, a delicacy in the French cuisine, so that you can discover this French specialty in a new and unique way. The rich, buttery and delicate flavours it brings are said to do wonders for your palate!


This special menu presents not only the traditional dishes, like the duo of Foie Gras, but also very creative and unique dishes, like the “Caf茅 gourmand” de foie gras, where you can taste the Foie gras in Cr猫me Brul茅e, Macaroon and even in Cappuccino.


These eye-pleasing, tantalising creations will surely make you experience the French cuisine in the way it was intended to. This special menu will last until the end of April, so come and enjoy the best of what FLO has to offer!




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