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“Mei Mansion” served as a private dishes restaurant for Mr. MEI Lanfang, master of Peking Opera. It is famous in China and overseas for “maintaining beauty, and protecting the throat with light flavour for health care.

While you are having nutritious cuisine in Mei Mansion, you can appreciate Master Mei’s classic original singing from the gramophone. Cuisine in Mei Mansion are all particular about maintaining beauty, protecting voices, caring for health, and keeping slim, for the reason that Master Mei attached great importance to his voice and figure. Mei Mansion is also characterised by no regular menu. Instead, the menu will be changed according to the climates and seasons, and the waiter will arrange the dinner for you with various delicious dishes and staple food, which also reflects the responsible and careful attitude of cooks in Mei towards the whole Mei family.

The elegant environment of Mei Mansion shows the unique temperament of Mei Lanfang museum, with a “Mei-style Peking Opera” feeling everywhere.

Specialties in Mei Mansion include “楦抽腐楦$播” (Bilateral Chicken Porridge), “鑺欒搲槌滈奔鐗” (Lotus Mandarin Fish), “鏍告閰” (Walnut Cream Soup),“鐏屾堡铏剧悆” (Chicken Soup with Shrimp Balls) and so on. All the dishes names sound beautiful, and are easy to pronounce and remember. The flavour is light but tasty. Due to Master Mei’s career, the dishes are cooked without any spicy or acrid ingredient in food. Light flavour, nutritious cuisine, an attractive environment, and a cozy atmosphere, is what Mei Mansion is  well-known  for and it is well-received by all the diners.

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