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The Cross-Over Bar In Tanggu



Wow - this is a refreshing change: a genuine pub in Tanggu! The Cross-Over Bar boasts a comfortable lounge and live music with frequent guest artists, and is modern with a welcome Asian ambiance. Different from the scene in TEDA, Cross-Over has fabulous d茅cor, with curios, trinkets, instruments, sculptures, lanterns and books, a great sound system, and familiar beverages from back home –all in a blend that was previously missing. Ex-pat guests will feel welcome, and perhaps have a better time than in the higher-end locations catering to them in TEDA. This inviting niche is a fun, new adventure, especially for those living in Tanggu!


Beyond the I Love U underground electronics department mall, a block from Shanghai Dao, on Jie Feng road, up the stairs, Cross-Over spreads across three floors, including the quaint elaborate main venue. Above that is the pool table with an adjacent private KTV lounge, and further still, two card/chess/mahjong playing rooms, and fusball! Take your pick.


While offering such diverse activities, Cross-Over always entertains with fascinating Buddhist/avant-garde/oceanic/multi-culturally vibrant art themes adorning at every glance. The place is amazing. In addition to the novelties, decorations, cocktails, and original tunes, it serves an appetizing Chinese menu. That, really, is what makes for such a welcome combination. The whole experience together is unique in comparison to those just over the tracks in TEDA.


James Liu, the owner, was a merchant ship sailor crossing over many oceans. Saving his money, he held fast to his dream. Eventually, he made it happen. The intriguing Cross-Over Bar is a new local treasure.


Tel: +86 22 2588 8918
Address: E35 Bafang Yuanming commercial street (beside Ailai Wuyou electrical equipment plaza), Jiefang Lu, Tanggu District
Hours: 10:00-01:00

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