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Da Hu Zi

Get Fresh With Seafood




If you get away from Bing Jiang Dao’s crush of commerce, you can walk into the neighborhoods, restaurants, kitchens, and lives of Tianjin’s people. With any luck, you might find Da Hu Zi (Big Beard). The restaurant focuses on Chinese home-cooked comfort food, with a bent towards BBQ seafood. Typical dishes include tasty deep fried corn niblets, vegetarian eggplant, and the BBQ’d fruits of the sea. Prices are very reasonable and there is no reason not to give this place a try. 


The seafood is highly recommended, and is some of the freshest to be found in Tianjin. This is because, in order to find a seat in this place, you must walk past the tanks of all God’s living sea creatures (fish, clams, snails, frogs). The spicy fried clams are delicious, whether cherry clams or razor clams. Deep-fried, corn-meal battered corn niblets are a must, and occasionally the chef will throw in a few fried shrimp to add a bit of interest. The vegetarian eggplant had good-sized chunks of eggplant in a sweet garlic soy sauce. All of these dishes are home cooked specialties meant to satisfy the taste buds and fill the stomach.  


The scenery is that of a neighborhood restaurant, in a working class neighborhood: very casual. Sit on the upper floor if you have a chance, but don’t let the casual setting of the lower floor dissuade you from some of Tianjin’s tastiest seafood. Please note the menu has no pictures and no English. Then again, if pointing out the animal you want to eat and miming the cooking method is your idea of an adventure, go for it! They say that the journey of finding a place is its own reward. While this is true for Da Hu Zi, the bigger reward is what comes out of the kitchen.

A: Yellow House Garden Store:No.38, Changsha Lu, Heping District
T锛+86 22 2339 3391
Hours: 10:30 – 05:00

A: Rong’an Da Jie Store: ground floor, No.61, Rong’an Da Jie, Heping District
T锛+86 22 6035 1812
Hours: 11:00 – 05:00

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