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The Bar Kei鈥檚 Opening Party



On the night of December 17, The Bar Kei, located in Basement 1 of International Mansion on Nanjing Road, made its official opening.


That night, the bar let Tianjin trendsetters appreciate for themselves the charm of Jellybird, a vodka jelly wine popular around the world. Jellybird contains 12% vodka, and can be drunk at normal temperature, after chilling in ice, or made into a mixer. It can be also matched with white wine, champagne, grape wine as well as Tequila. Jellybird has six flavours: peach, lychee, mango, grape, honeydew melon and blueberry. With six different flavours, the bartenders made six flavoursome cocktails, which won the praise of all present, with their fruit aromas and sweet taste. The ceremony of Dharma Cat, a symbol of money drawing and creation, added a uniquely Japanese finishing touch and pushed the night to a climax.

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