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The Mighty Deli in TEDA


Sure, The Mighty Deli makes great, affordable sandwiches from fresh ingredients and provides a comfortable seating area with wi-fi access, but they also provide a great international wine selection as well. Then there’s the store which features an internationally diverse stock of familiar stuff from back home. Tourista will love it while local ex-pats will appreciate finding items the other foreign markets never seem to have.


Next to the new Sheraton Hotel on 2nd Avenue (Er da jie) in TEDA, Mighty Deli is a convenient one-stop shopping bistro. Manager Juyfus, an able English speaker, describes the place as “a caf茅 with deli, wine cellar, and store” and is quick to note that they also cater for events. In addition, he boasts “we are a bakery, making wide-ranging European style breads, muffins, pastries (made daily), and custom cakes”. If there is a product you want that is missing from their shelves, they are happy to order for you.


Open from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm, American and Continental breakfasts are available until 10:30 am. For more information, you can call Ruyfus at 186 2220 0179, or check the web site at Drop in for coffee while you put together your shopping list, read your e-mails, and enjoy a piece of fun foreign cuisine.


Add: Ground shop 6, Xincheng west road(next to Sheraton Binhai Hotel)
Call: 186 2220 0179

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