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FASHION: How to Style Blazers

How to Style Blazers


BT202011 FASHION 01It’s officially Autumn Season, time to get out our thigh-high boots, sweaters and trench coats. While all of them give off cosy, chic vibes, this time around we’re adding one more sophisticated piece to our autumn wardrobe, and that is nothing other than the blazer.


Fashionistas, bloggers and influencers are going gaga over the new blazer trend, and the blazer is a versatile element as it can be styled with almost any other piece in your wardrobe. As far as the colours are concerned, well, let’s just say autumn is not just about browns, beiges and whites anymore.


Here is how you can style a blazer and look stylish this autumn.




Wear it with casual graphic T shirts

TP 202011 FASHION 02Graphic T shirts are a popular vibe this season. From motivational quotes to celebrity portraits, graphic T shirts lend a casual style to the whole look. You can style this look with oversized blazers in literally any colour you like to get a more put-together yet casual look. Wear sneakers too, and you’re good to go.


Go monochrome with a matching leather skirt

TP 202011 FASHION 03A blazer doesn’t always have to be worn open. Fasten the buttons to create a more sophisticated appeal. Pair it with a matching leather skirt and complete the look with thigh-high boots in black.


In sneakerhood!

TP 202011 FASHION 04Pairing formals with ultra-laid-back elements is the new trend in fashion. Hence, single or double-breasted blazers, especially in bright colours like neon pink and blue, are best matched with white sneakers. The contrast in appeal and colour tones will take the look to a whole other level.


Style it over a maxi dress

TP 202011 FASHION 05Maxi dresses are among the favourite outfit choices this autumn season. Try playing around with the outerwear piece. Instead of a regular trench coat, wear a super colourful or printed blazer. Pro tip: dial down the colour of the maxi dress, as we want the focus to be on the blazer.

Co-ordinate sets

TP 202011 FASHION 06A lot of brands have already launched super chic-looking blazer and shorts co-ordinate sets. Get yourself one of those in stripes or prints, or even plain colours. Geometric prints are very popular when it comes to co-ordinate sets. Wear sneakers or pumps to complete the look.


Pioneer the sleeveless blazer trend

TP 202011 FASHION 07A comparatively newcomer in the world of blazers is the sleeveless blazer, which is even more versatile than the regular blazer. A safe way to experiment with this new style is to go with a black or beige colour combo. For example, a full sleeve turtleneck top with a beige plaid blazer and booties would be a killer look to pull off.


Dress up in a blazer

TP 202011 FASHION 08Last but not least, get an oversized blazer and pair it with a statement belt. That’s right, blazers can become outfits by themselves. A lovely statement belt can amp up a simple look a hundredfold. Complete the look with a pair of stilettoes as we’re going for a classy, sophisticated look.


Try any of these styles and be a trendsetter. If you don’t have a blazer, invest in one right now, as it is definitely an asset for your wardrobe.

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