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Quantum Computing. The gate to unlimited possibilities

Quantum Computing
The gate to unlimited possibilities
By Rita Koch

TP 202009 FUTURE 01Quantum Computing is an application of quantum physics that is a well-known topic in physics. Generally, this term is defined as a study of behaviour inside an atom. This world is vibrant and diverse on the extra-atomic level; atoms of copper, iron, polymer, etc. are different, but we can't distinguish them on the inter-atomic level, or by going inside an atom. This means that when we are observing the quantum behaviour of any atom, it applies to everything.


Quantum computers do the same; they compute the behaviour of intra-atomic particles. At present, computers operate on logic gates, which give two output signals, '1' or '0', generally known as bits. Still, the quantum computer can provide 10^48 possibilities or more between '0' or '1', known as qubits. These possibilities will allow us to calculate the certainty of any event with 99.99% accuracy.


But the chances of these kinds of computers being available in the near future are not high. Scientists are relentlessly working on this, but it will still take around three decades before quantum computers come into use. Nonetheless, these future computers gained the attention of millennials after Google announced quantum supremacy. Without going into detail on how they work, let鈥檚 look at how they may change our lives in the future.




Quantum Computing in Medical Science

TP 202009 FUTURE 02If we succeed in efficiently programming quantum computers, it will be a big boon for medical science. Experts predict that quantum computers can help us solve problems that have remained unsolved for many decades, such as those related to diseases like HIV, cancer, and other microbial diseases that possess the ability to severely impact human civilization.


Diseases like these affect the working of our DNA and impact protein production. To cope with this problem, we have to understand how it affects our DNA, and to do so, we have to follow the quantum-level interaction of certain viruses with DNA. The development of quantum computers will make that possible.


Also, observing the quantum behaviour of drugs can tell us the accuracy and side effects of a drug. Along with that, a quantum computer can handle surgical robots with cutting-edge precision, and the chances of errors will be erased.


Quantum computers in business

The IBM Q System One quantum computer at IBMs research facility in New York

The IBM Q System One quantum computer at IBM's research facility in New York


Today, we associate business with luck, despite knowing it is all a game of factors. The reason is that we can't calculate the certainty of those factors accurately. Quantum computers can help secure our investments. It all seems like a dream or magic, but it is true that quantum computers can accurately tell us whether any business or start-up will survive or not. They can solve equations with many variables with lightning speed. Some problems which the earliest quantum computers could solve in seconds would take even the best supercomputer at least a thousand years to solve. Imagine, therefore, how advanced our future is going to be.


Quantum Computers in Networks

TP 202009 FUTURE 03Quantum computers will make the network structures we have outdated. Most possibly, they will completely abolish the use of semiconductors and optical cable for data transmission. Every person will be able to have their own internet-like data; there will be no need for any particular storage centre. The Internet we will use in future will be free of any wires, and electrical distribution networks may also be wireless. Gathering information about a distant object will be very easy. Using a quantum computer, we will be able to access almost any data with a single device.


Quantum Computers in space

TP 202009 FUTURE 04A quantum computer, with its million-bit calculating capability, can propel our space endeavours with hypersonic velocity. We will be able to simulate any space condition on our planet itself using quantum computers, and our communication in space will be enhanced through the use of individual atom to atom interaction.


Hazards associated with quantum computers

TP 202009 FUTURE 05Every good thing has some negative aspect, and quantum computers also have some hazards associated with them. Quantum computing is not an upgrade in existing computer technology; it is entirely different from what we know. It starts where the limits of supercomputers end. So there are many questions and future challenges associated with quantum computing:


鈼 Efficient programming will present a challenge
鈼 It may fall into the wrong hands
鈼 Security will be a significant issue


Making quantum computers of full capacity, or even close to that capacity, is a dream now. Some companies, like Google and IBM, indeed have some quantum computers, but they are of limited capacity in comparison to the full capacity of future quantum computers.

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