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How To Make Your Children Study At Home During Lockdown

How To Make Your Children Study At Home During Lockdown

By Nina Mitchell

TP 202008 EDUCATION 01Due to the lockdown, most schools have been closed for three months or more. This means that your children have been at home for a very long time, and some boredom is bound to set in. Therefore, it is important to introduce productive activities. Get them to solve puzzles, set them daily tasks, and DIY projects.


To increase productivity, it is also necessary to limit their television time or screen time. If you allow your children to watch television or play video games for hours, they will become easily distracted and quite irritable. This will also affect their studies, and they might even fall behind in their academic schedules.



TP 202008 EDUCATION 02Navigating Online Classes


Many schools have been conducting online classes, but young children might not be very inclined towards these sessions. Prepare them for video calls before the actual class begins. However, make sure that these do not turn into distractions or even addictions.


Other Tips To Help Children Focus On Their Studies


鈥 Maintain a routine or a study plan

Having a study plan for your children is essential. It will help them to develop a habit of sitting down for a certain period and concentrating on a particular subject. Once your children understand the routine, they will be able to adjust to the idea of home-schooling.


鈥 Arrange for reading sessions

Reading can be a fun activity while helping to enhance your children's vocabulary and comprehension skills. If you have very young children, you should read aloud to them and then encourage them to read to you.


鈥 Create a separate space for studying

Even if your children have a room of their own, create a study space for them. A quiet corner with a table and a chair will be enough. A separate space for studying helps your children to concentrate. Make sure that it is comfortable so that they can sit for a lengthy period.


鈥 Allow some time for art and crafts

Every child has a creative side, and you should always encourage them to find that side. Art and crafts are extremely productive and yet fun. They also help develop motor and cognitive skills in very young children.

TP 202008 EDUCATION 03Spreading Awareness during Study Time

The lockdown due to the pandemic is not equivalent to vacation time. Even if your children are very young, every child should be aware of how crucial and difficult this time is. Explain the situation to them in the simplest terms because awareness, at this time, is of utmost importance. Once your children understand the gravity of the situation, they will be more willing to continue with their everyday activities, including studies.


While studies are important and need to be continued during the lockdown, do not let your children feel pressured. It is always all right to skip a few lessons, as long as that does not become a habit. You should also allow your children to take breaks in between sessions. Let them play a bit, have a snack or even chat with you before going back to the lesson. This will help them stay refreshed and not tire them out.

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