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Fashion Hacks to Save Yourself From Problematic Situations

Fashion Hacks to Save Yourself From Problematic Situations
By Barbara Ross

TP 20208 FASHION 09 2You鈥檙e walking down the street, wearing the most gorgeous floral sundress. You can see passers-by staring at you, talking about you and admiring the way you look. All of a sudden, the wind blows a little too strongly and up flies your dress!


Cringe! Right?


Well, we鈥檝e all been there. Embarrassing situations and awkward moments like the one described above are bound to happen in life.


Now, we can鈥檛 predict these situations, but we can anticipate them and be better prepared.


Here are some amazing fashion and clothing hacks that can save you from such cringe-worthy moments.


Greasy hair

TP 20208 FASHION 01Let鈥檚 face it, third day hair or fourth day hair is quite embarrassing. But we don鈥檛 always have the time to indulge in a long shower and pamper routine on the morning of an impulsive plan to go out with friends鈥撯搊r worse, when your date shows up at your doorstep to surprise you and take you out!


That鈥檚 when you can run to your vanity and turn the scene around with just a few strategies.


Take one or two pieces of blotting paper and press them lightly over your scalp where your hair is most greasy. That will solve most of the problem.


Then you can take out some talcum powder, or even loose powder, and spread it nicely on your greasiest areas. Now you鈥檙e good to go!


Ink stains

TP 20208 FASHION 02Ink stains on your shirt? No problem.


First, blot out all the excess spilled ink with blotting paper or a tissue. Squeeze out some anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, apply it over the stain and rub it in with a cotton pad.


Now you can wash, and your stain-free shirt is ready!

Flying skirts

TP 20208 FASHION 03If you鈥檙e wearing a nice, flowy skirt or dress on a lovely autumn evening, you might want to prepare for a flying skirt wardrobe malfunction. All you need are a few small metal coins. Tape the coins to the inner side of your skirt鈥檚 hemline. That will keep your skirt from flying up.

Sudden tears

TP 20208 FASHION 04Sudden tears, especially in pants and jeans, are another one of the most embarrassing situations in life. Well, you can鈥檛 sit and sew it back together when you鈥檙e out with friends. So what do you do?


Excuse yourself and go to the ladies room鈥撯揳nd don鈥檛 forget to take your handbag.


Take out your stapler and don鈥檛 worry anymore. Staple the tear back together and walk out. But be sure to sew it properly once you鈥檙e back home.


Sweaty armpits

TP 20208 FASHION 05Summers are fun, bright and lovely, all right. But we can鈥檛 ignore the heat and the sweating. It can get pretty embarrassing when you鈥檙e out for a formal meeting and the heat is getting to you, and you start sweating profusely in your armpits. Well, large sweat stains on your underarms are never a great sight. You can do two things about this.


First, before you put on your top to go out, take a piece of lemon, squeeze out a few drops of lemon juice and pat it into your armpits. This will control the sweat to some extent and prevent bad odour to a bigger extent.


Next, you can stick panty liners to the insides of your top鈥檚 armholes. This will soak up the sweat and prevent those nasty patches as well.


Shoes too small

TP 20208 FASHION 06If you鈥檙e in between sizes, there鈥檚 a good chance that you find it hard to get the right fit for your shoes. Don鈥檛 worry! If you鈥檝e picked a smaller size, you鈥檙e in luck! You don鈥檛 have to return them.


All you鈥檝e got to do is place two small plastic bags of water inside your shoes and leave them in the freezer overnight. Your shoes will have expanded the next day!

Makeup stains

Tops or dresses with a narrow neck especially run the risk of getting stained with makeup as we put them on. Well, one way to avoid this hassle would be to wear your outfit first and then put on makeup. But let鈥檚 say you鈥檝e already stained your outfit.


One sure-fire way to get those stains out is to use shaving foam over them. Put a generous amount over the stains, leave it on for a few minutes and then wash with detergent. Your outfit will be good as new.


Torn tights

TP 20208 FASHION 08Torn tights are, needless to say, a menace. One little rip in the morning and you have a deepening ladder by afternoon, and before you know it, you鈥檒l have to throw them out.


To avoid that, apply some clear nail polish to the rip right when it starts. That will stop the rip from getting any bigger. Save yourself a pair of tights!


Next time you find yourself likely to get into a problematic situation, try one of these clever hacks and save yourself from the embarrassment.



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