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Emergency technology will make us superhuman

Emergency technology will make us superhuman
By Rita Koch
tp 20207 future 03We all love watching superheroes. The way in which they save people thrills us. Those flying suits, amazing gadgets and natural powers make us dream to be like them.

Emergencies like fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, natural calamities, and accidents have always dwarfed human capabilities. Hence, we imagine somebody far more capable than a normal human who can save us in these emergencies. But these superhumans exist only in our imagination.

But saving and rescuing somebody from impossible circumstances, as superhumans do, will not be limited to fiction in the near future.



Smart technologies for emergency management in the future

tp 20207 future 02Management of emergencies has always been a challenge for us. Better management in situations of emergency can save more lives and assets. In future, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and cloud technologies will be utilized for this purpose.

In the age of mobile devices, emergency management agencies like police, fire fighters and ambulance services get a number of calls daily. But many times, due to improper communication, agencies don't fully understand the situation and hence fail to take appropriate safety measures. The development of AI in the future will help in solving this problem by converting voice into text and then identifying the correct meaning.

Similarly, the Internet of Things, which is a rapidly growing concept, will be very handy in sensing any emergency situation before it arrives. Gadgets embedded with smart sensors will monitor every small movement and inform someone about any possibility of an emergency. This will give people time to prepare for heavy calamities like hurricanes etc..

Another recently growing technology is Cloud; this is online storage of data that can be extracted anytime. Cloud technology will assist emergency teams in finding the most effective methods as per data collected in a cloud about many other similar situations.





Wearables that will help us during an emergency

tp 20207 future 04By using smart technologies for emergency management, we have access to the right information about what to do. But then come the real challenges, which superhumans are known to tackle. A fictional superhuman tackles these problems using his special powers. Let鈥檚 see what special powers technology will provide us with during an emergency.

Robotic skeletons are well-known features when it comes to the future. These skeletons will multiply the abilities of a normal human. In an emergency, physical power plays a vital role, so rescue workers with many times more physical capability than before will change the face of rescue work.

During any emergency, during rescue work, it becomes a priority to save as many lives as possible. A medical scanner tool fitted to the suits of the emergency team will help them determine the fitness level of the person to be rescued, and also what kind of medication is needed.

A powerful LED light embedded in the suits of rescue workers will make their presence visible from a distance. A better quality heat-mapping device with more penetration will be able to give an exact idea of the number of people trapped.

Dogs and other trained animals can be loaded with a number of sensors so that they can go inside any distressed location and send back vital information.






Other emergency technologies that will outclass conventional ones

tp 20207 future 01With upcoming new technologies, conventional methods will get replaced. The same is happening in emergency technology as well. Currently, in case of emergencies like fires or terrorist attacks, etc., choppers are used to monitor the locations. However, choppers are generally not available for local authorities in developing or underdeveloped countries, so power drones embedded with AI sensors will replace choppers for location monitoring.

In the future, hovercrafts may also eliminate the use of ladders by firefighting teams. A ladder remains fixed at one point, but a hovercraft can move in any direction and at any height. But there is still a long way to go to reach there.

Nowadays, with emergencies like forest fires, we appear to be incapable of handling them since our reach is not very extensive near the fire, but in future, robots made up of more resilient materials can go inside to fight the fire.

Social media can also play a big role in communicating on a large scale during emergency work, since these media can be used to communicate with trapped persons and help them to believe that something is being done to rescue them, which will help them to stay calm.




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