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Let The Cat Out Of The Bag

Let The Cat Out Of The Bag
By Karen Wang

slnMary has two best friends in high school, Lucy and Renee. One day, Mary was flipping through her diary when she realised that Renee鈥檚 birthday was coming up in a couple of days. Realising that they didn鈥檛 really have much time to prepare, Mary anxiously contacted Lucy.

鈥淗ey what鈥檚 up?鈥 Lucy answered casually.

鈥淩enee鈥檚 birthday is next week! I realised we haven鈥檛 started preparing anything for her yet!鈥 Mary exclaimed.

鈥淥h, you鈥檙e right! Why don鈥檛 we throw her a birthday party?鈥 Lucy suggested.

鈥淎ctually, that鈥檚 probably a great idea, since Renee鈥檚 going to be moving out of the city next year. This could be the last year in a while that she spends together with all her family and friends,鈥 Mary replied excitedly.

The girls spent the rest of the day excitedly putting together the plans for Renee鈥檚 birthday party.

A couple of days later, the girls were all having lunch at the cafeteria when Lucy received a message on her phone and started giggling.

鈥淲hat鈥檚 going on? Is everything alright鈥 Renee asked curiously.

鈥淥h yea, everything鈥檚 fine. Someone just sent me a funny joke!鈥 Lucy responded casually.

鈥淩eally? Why don鈥檛 you share it with us then, so we can all have a laugh!鈥 Renee insisted.

鈥淓rm well鈥 it鈥檚 actually a private joke, so I can鈥檛 really say what it is,鈥 Lucy responded anxiously.

Renee gave Lucy a weird look before heading off to put away her food tray.

鈥淲hat鈥檚 going on?鈥 Mary queried.

鈥淥h, you know how I鈥檓 in charge of getting Renee鈥檚 friends for the party? One of them suggested we make it a themed party! Renee really likes Disney, so it鈥檒l be cute to make it a Disney-themed party, and we were just sharing ideas,鈥 Lucy responded.

鈥淭hat鈥檚 a great idea! Just keep it under wraps, okay? You almost gave it away just now!鈥 Lucy warned.

鈥淕ot it!鈥 Renee smiled.

It was just a day before the party, and Lucy and Mary were busy ironing out the final details during their lunch break when Renee popped by.

鈥淗ey girls!鈥 Renee waved.

鈥淗ey! What happened to dance class?鈥 Lucy queried.

鈥淚t finished early, so I thought I鈥檇 join you girls for a little bit before I headed home. What are you guys up to?鈥 Renee asked.

鈥淛ust talking about school and stuff鈥 Mary responded casually.

鈥淥h! I wanted to show you guys something.鈥 Renee took her phone out and showed it to Lucy and Mary.

鈥淭his new Disney dress was recently launched. I think that it鈥檚 a little on the pricey side, but I鈥檓 thinking of getting it. What do you girls think?鈥

鈥淚 think that鈥檚 a perfect idea, a great dress to wear to the party!鈥 Lucy blurted.

The moment Lucy did that, Mary started to shake her head vigorously.

鈥淲hat party?鈥 Renee questioned.

鈥淥h god, Lucy, you鈥檝e let the cat out of the bag!!鈥 Mary exclaimed in frustration.

While there isn鈥檛 an actual cat in a bag, what Mary is trying to say is that Lucy has unintentionally disclosed a secret that she wasn鈥檛 meant to disclose.

The Chinese equivalent for such a phrase would be 鏃犳剰涓硠绉 W煤y矛 zh艒ng xi猫 m矛. This phrase literally translates to unintentionally leaking a secret 鈥 which is very similar to its English counterpart.

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