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Qiandao Lake. The Islands of Amazements

Qiandao Lake. The Islands of Amazements
鍗冨矝婀 閲嶉噸鎯婂枩绛変綘鏉
By Nikita Jaeger

TP 202006 China 01The man-made Qiandao lake is located in Chun鈥檃n County, Zhejiang province, in China. It is an artificial lake surrounded by a cluster of mountains, and as it has 1,078 large islands and many small islets, it is also known as Thousands Island Lake. Dense forest covers 81% of the area, and is one of the main features.


The area around the lake is divided into six sections, based on the geographical location and difference in the landscape: Fuxi Stone Forest, Southeast Lake District, Central Lake District, Northeast Lake District, Southwest Lake District, and Northwest Lake District. The entire valley was submerged in 1959 after the completion of the Xin鈥檃njiang reservoir, and as a result, formed the new lake.


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How to Reach Qiandao Lake

TP 202006 CHINA 04Qiandao Lake has excellent connectivity with major cities in China. Tourists can reach here by plane, rail, and road.


By Plane

Qiandao Lake is 155.9 km from the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. Tourists from the northern side and the Beijing sector can reach Qiandao Lake by taking flights to this airport. From the airport, tourists can travel to Qiandao Lake by bus, a journey of 3 hours and 20 minutes, or by taxi, which will take 2 hours and 10 minutes.


By Rail

TP 202006 CHINA 02Alternatively, tourists can board the train from Hangzhou East Railway station to Qiandaohu, which will be a 50-minute journey, followed by a 30-minute drive by taxi/cab to Qiandao Lake.


Tourists from Beijing and the north-eastern side of China can take the high-speed rail route to reach Hangzhou East, and from there can travel to Qiandaohu station. Qiandao Lake is just half an hour's drive from the station.


By Road

TP 202006 CHINA 03The road journey from Beijing and other northern cities will be a tiring one. The distance from Beijing South to Qiandao Lake is 1,438.6 km, and will take approximately 14 hours and 40 minutes by car. We advise tourists to rather take a flight or high speed train journey to visit the lake.







Best season to visit


The best season to visit Qiandao Lake is during autumn and winter. You may experience low rainfall, but the climate will be clean and fresh. It is an excellent time to walk around the area.



Entry fee


The entry fees vary according to season.
March 1 to November 30 鈥 CNY 150
December 1 to February 28/29 鈥 CNY 120


Interesting places you should not miss while visiting Qiandao Lake


Spectacular scenery

TP 202006 CHINA 05The Qianjiangyuan National Forest Park, in which Qiandao Lake is situated, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China. It is 1,438 km from Beijing South, and 150 km way from Hangzhou city.


Qiandao lake offers a variety of amusements to its visitors. Boating and water sports in the beautiful lake, trekking in the mountains, cruising to different islands, crossing bridges, getting lost in the dense forest, and submerging in the crystal clear water are some of the activities you can enjoy. Besides these attractions, there are Dragon boat festivals, souvenirs, inkstones, hemp embroideries, pearl products, seafood, etc..


The Southeast Lake District

TP 202006 CHINA 06The Southeast Lake District includes Tianchi Island, Guihua Island, Mishan Island, Huangshan Juan Island, Xianshan Island, and Tianchi.


Tianchi Island is a quarry site that existed during the Southern Song Dynasty, and is now a pool of water.


Guihua Island attracts tourists with its wild osmanthus flowers and animal shows. Mishan Island is the origin of the famous Chinese tale 'Three monks with no water,' and there are Buddhist temples on the Islands. While visiting Southeast Lake District, another exciting location to explore is Bird Island. A variety of bird species is the main attraction here. The sight of colourful peacocks is an engaging experience you鈥檒l never forget. Make it a point to see the panoramic view of Huangshan Juan Island.


Central Lake District

TP 202006 CHINA 07In the Central Lake District, the places to see are Qiandao Lake Fishing Village, Wulong Scenic Area (Moonlight Island), Yule Island, Longshan Island, and Meifeng Island.


Longshan Island is home to the Hai Rui Shrine, Shi Xi Academy, and Qing Guan Road. In the west end of the Central Lake District is the Mefeng Range Rover Observation Deck, which is a popular attraction in the Qiandao Lake Scenic Area.


Wulong Scenic Area (Moonlight Island) has a lot of Islands such as Bird Island, Lock Island, Qishi Island, and Zhenqu Garden. Several bridges connect all these islands. Lock Island is the first lock museum in China, and it has many locks, such as the happiness lock, the wisdom lock, the carp lock, the health lock, the housing safety lock, etc.. The housing safety lock, the largest lock built in China, holds a position in the Guinness World Record.


Chun鈥檃n Museum

TP 202006 CHINA 08The Chun鈥檃n Museum, which opened officially in January 2018, has an area of 5,700 square metres, with four floors displaying the history and culture of the region. The first floor of the museum is the Exhibition Hall, which exhibits the historical story of Chun鈥檃n. The second floor showcases sculptures from Shangyu, Hairui, and other Ming Dynasty figures.


The third floor is the Immigration Hall, which depicts the story of the people who had to abandon their houses in the ancient cities buried in the lake. Non-Legacy Hall is on the fourth floor, and displays the local folk culture of the region. Props used for folk performances, and tools used during that period for tea picking, etc., are among the fascinating displays.






Stone Forest Scenic Area

TP 202006 CHINA 09Stone Forest Scenic Area is in the town of Shilin, located 60 km Southeast of Qiandao Lake Scenic Area. The forest is extensive, and is divided into Lion Head Scenic Area and Elephant Mountain Area. It is one of China's four stone forests, with an elevation of more than 650 metres, and is the National Geological Research base. The maze-like karst landscape of the forest has several stone peaks which have strange shapes and various forms. The beautiful scenery on both sides of the route to the Stone Forest is worth the 60 km journey.


Water Spirit Performance

TP 202006 CHINA 10The Water Spirit Performance is the only water stage performance in China. The covered theatre beams underwater provide a 3D effect in the water on all sides of the mounted screens. The performance shows the historical culture and present situation of Qiandao Lake in both ethnic and modern style. The story of the lake formation and the local customs are professionally presented on the stage using Chinese martial arts, acrobatics, dance, Jiangnan folk music, and several other performances.


The scenes include Xiong Yue Xiong Feng (the story of the southern peasant uprising led by Fang La), Xin鈥檃n Shengjing, Shane feast, Shuixiu Tianxia, tragic scenes and the peaceful retreat of the Qian鈥檃n people abandoning homes and relocating to allow for the construction of the reservoir, etc.. 3D displays are projected on the three giant screens.

Qiandao Lake Forest Oxygen Bar

TP 202006 CHINA 11The Forest Oxygen Bar is located on the edge of the south-eastern lake district of Qiandao Lake, and was officially launched in 2003. There are 58,000鈥62000 negative oxygen ions in the forest, which are beneficial to human health. It has won an award for being the mini forest with the best ecological鈥搒cenic spot in Zhejiang province, and also has won several other awards.


With the different forms of rocks, karst landforms, lush vegetation, fresh air, rope bridge, swings, grass skiing, and the sound of flowing water, the forest treats its visitors bountifully. Beautiful streams and waterfalls are everywhere in the forest.


The scenic spots in the forest have many divisions, such as the hydrophilic recreation area, the forest recreation area, the forest anion breathing area, the forest camping area, the forest popularization area, and the tea room recreation area.


Several recreation activities like forest trekking, bathing, and oxygen absorption in the forest, etc., give you the chance to enjoy the natural environment to its full potential. Physical activities like rock climbing, water sports, collection of forest specimens, environmental awareness exhibitions, and visiting the fishing centre are some other pleasant activities awaiting you at Qiandao Lake.








If you are looking for a refreshing experience with your family away from the hassles of city life, Qiandao Lake is a great option. The artificial lake, with its dense forests, clean water, and fresh air, never makes you feel the artificiality, and there are a lot of things to do and visit. If you plan for an extended stay, be sure to include visiting Zhenqu Garden, the Wulong Scenic Area, Phoenix Island, go diving to see the submerged ancient city, Monkey Island, Snake Island, Bird Island, and Love Island. The various fun activities in Qiandao Lake are enough to keep you rejuvenated.

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