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Refreshing Bathroom D茅cor Ideas To Make Your Space Feel Like A Spa

Refreshing Bathroom D茅cor Ideas
To Make Your Space Feel Like A Spa

By Anastasia Chapman

TP 202005 INTERIOR 01 2Isn't it funny that all of us have this strange love-hate equation when it comes to deciding on our bathroom decor! Many of us think that the bathroom only needs to be clean and tidy, with no need to invest tons of money on fancy fittings and faucets, well-designed accessories or even on the overall look and feel of the space. Well, the reality is that your bathroom is probably the least expensive and the easiest room to refresh and upgrade.


However, it鈥檚 also the most overlooked space, and people usually worry about other decorative rooms like the bedroom or the living room. The bathroom might not be the most glamorous room in your house, but still, it is heavily used by you and your family. So, it makes sense for you to put a little bit of time and attention into updating it, because this can go a long way.


And even if it hasn鈥檛 been a fancy space for all these years, who says it can鈥檛 be transformed into one? It鈥檚 always good to have a beautiful retreat to relax and unwind after a long day at work. If you have always wanted your bathroom to look like a mini spa, now is the time to make it happen!


With the new year approaching, you'll finally get some quiet time, and hopefully, some expendable budget in hand to turn your boring bathroom into a full-blown dream oasis. Why not give these low-cost ideas a try to bring that ultra-relaxing spa-like experience into your personal bathroom? Keep reading!




Clear the Clutter

TP 202005 INTERIOR 02Clutter usually creates stress! That's why spas are always clutter-free. Inside a spa, whether it's the toiletries, towels or decorating accents, every single item is kept in order. If storage is an issue in your bathroom, consider investing in portable storage units like a wooden cart or a mini drawer with wheels. You can also avoid the clutter by organising toiletries in clear glass jars that will look like a part of your bathroom decor.




Pick a Nature-Inspired Palette to Paint your Bathroom Walls

TP 202005 INTERIOR 04Your bathroom's visual appeal is one of the key elements for setting a spa-like atmosphere. Most spas tend to follow a 'less is more' or minimalist styling that can help open-up a room to give the space a serene and restful feel. What better than nature-inspired hues, like blue, green, grey and brown, to give that organic feel to your bathroom! These colours have a calming effect on the human mind, and are also known to communicate solace and wellbeing. However, if your bathroom lacks space, go for a lighter or neutral colour palette, like pale green, powder blue, light grey or beige, to lend that soothing sensation as well as to make it look spacious.




Install Dimming Lights

TP 202005 INTERIOR 03Consider installing wall sconces or recessed ceiling lights with a dimmer control in your bathroom to get that ultimate spa-like vibe! If you are someone who prefers a romantic, late-night bath before bed, this is how you transform your boring bathroom into a chill-out zone. A dimmer control can soften the lighting in your bathroom while you enjoy a soothing soak in your bathtub, imagining it to be that much-needed spa break.




Invest in Faux Wooden Tiles to Create that Cosy Ambience

TP 202005 INTERIOR 05Although pure wooden items are not ideal for damp areas, faux wooden tiles are a viable alternative that can be used in your bathroom to attain the feeling of warmth and peace you find in professional spa decor. These tiles are usually made of porcelain or ceramic, but they look exactly like pure wood. Faux wooden tiles are highly resistant to water and come in a variety of patterns that can match any spa bathroom d茅cor.




Get a Traditional Japanese Tub

TP 202005 INTERIOR 08If your bathroom is tiny and doesn鈥檛 have any space to install a bathtub, fret not, you can still enjoy a relaxing spa-like soak. If you are looking to create an exotic Zen-style bathroom, consider investing in a traditional Japanese soaking tub. You can't go wrong with these scaled-down tubs. Compared to conventional tubs, Japanese tubs are much deeper. They are no longer than five feet in length but are deep enough to soak your entire body. Many of them even come with built-in seats, allowing a person to sit safely and comfortably throughout a warm soak.




A Massaging Showerhead is a Must

TP 202005 INTERIOR 07Apart from a soaking tub, a massage showerhead is another must-have item in a spa-inspired bathroom. The best part is that, unlike a bathtub, a massage showerhead won't take any extra space and you can use it every day. However, if you have space as well as budget concerns, sacrifice your tub for an upgraded shower along with a fancy-looking massage showerhead. This spa addition is bound to satiate your relaxation desires.



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