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How to Increase Your Stamina

How to Increase Your Stamina
By Barbara Ross

tp 202005 health 02How many times have you promised to push yourself at the gym every time you do cardio, but found yourself unable to meet the reps? It鈥檚 all right. We get it.


Getting too out of breath while working out is due to a lack of stamina. And stamina, for the record, is nothing but the energy or the endurance that your body needs to sustain any form of physical activity for a longer period of time.


As your stamina increases, your ability to perform exercises for longer will improve, and the fatigue, exhaustion and stress you experience while doing any activity will be reduced.


Fortunately, stamina is something you can always build.


So here are a few things that you can do to increase your strength and stamina.


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Exercise with more intensity


tp 202005 health 01That鈥檚 right. It鈥檚 probably the last thing you鈥檇 want to do when you鈥檙e running out of breath too often and already can鈥檛 meet the reps. But guess what, a very effective way to improve stamina is to reduce the reps or the duration of training and increase the intensity of exercise. Short intervals of high intensity work outs, like burpees or squats or even push-ups, can get you feeling the burn very soon. Include more of such sprint pace exercises in your routine.




Include music in your routine


tp 202005 health 06A lot of people listen to music while working out. In fact, some people can鈥檛 move without the air pods in their ears. This has quite an effect on your stamina. Studies have proven that people who listened to music when working out displayed a much lower heart rate and had to put less effort into exercise than people who did not listen to music.




Include more carbs in your diet


tp 202005 health 05Carbs are often regarded as an enemy for people who want to lose weight. However counter-productive it may sound, you do need carbs for energy and to perform better at the gym. You need to consume foods like sweet potatoes or pasta or rice, which contain complex carbs that will help you feel energetic throughout the day. Make sure you are burning them off, too.




Make sure you balance it out


tp 202005 health 04Doing high intensity exercises regularly with reduced recovery times is an excellent way to improve stamina. However, there is something called overworking your body too, which will affect your stamina adversely. You also need to make sure that you get enough rest in between your workouts. If you keep exercising every single day, you鈥檒l soon be able to put out much less energy. So take breaks in between and go for a light run, or go cycling.






tp 202005 health 03We all know the energy boosting effects of caffeine. Yes, it helps with workouts too. According to a study conducted in 2017, male swimmers who took prescribed doses of caffeine about an hour before their swim were found to have been able to perform better, with increased sprint time and without an increase in heart rate.

Similarly, caffeine also helps give you that little boost on days when you feel too tired to work out.




Apart from all of these, certain exercises like jumping squats, burpees, jumping lunges and even on-the-spot regular jumps will help you improve your stamina. You can include a set or two of these exercises in your regular workout regime to bring about a steady improvement in performance.



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