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Portless iPhone on its way

Portless iPhone on its way

By Barbara Ross

TP 202004 FUTURE 03

With Apple鈥檚 latest launch of the iPhone 11 series with a great set of specs, the news about the future launch of a port-less iPhone providing a completely wireless experience in 2021 has excited the minds of the gadget fanatics.


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Buzzing analysis

TP 202004 FUTURE 01Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that Apple will launch a port-less iPhone on its next launch, removing all the ports and replacing them with wireless charging and audio. Ming-Chi Kuo also predicts that this port-less iPhone will be launched this upcoming year. This iPhone will be completely port-less and will provide a wireless experience as there will be no charging port or audio jack like USB-C either. It is said to be one of the highest end models launched by Apple.


Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also predicted the possible launch of the iPhone SE 2 plus which will have a full screen display design with a small notch, no Face ID and a power button with touch ID. Kuo is an analyst at TF international security whose research and prediction on future Apple products have always been accurate, making him one of the most reliable high profile analysts.


Wireless charging is not a new idea, as there are already iPhone models that can be charged wirelessly. However, the difference is that future models will only have a wireless charger. If there is no lightning port, it also means that headphones cannot be used without an adapter. Apparently, 2021 would be an era of the wireless revolution.


Is it really true if the 2021 Apple iPhone has no charging ports?


No ports for charging mean that the iPhone has no option for plugging in wired headphones. Everything you do with the headphone jack will be done with more advancements with the shift towards wireless headphones.


Port-less Nightmare

TP 202004 FUTURE 02The modification in the Apple update would mean a shift in charging from wired to wireless on your iPhone. Also, there is evidence that wireless charging is not as fast as wired charging. Apple uses a wireless charging system known as Qi system with a power rating of 7.5 watts which, when compared with other phones, is half their the speed of 15 watts.


Also, to provide ease of access, the wireless charging battery pack charges instantly as you travel from place to place. This is good news, as Apple has released the AirPower mat on which you can charge all Apple gadgets鈥撯損hones, watches and airpods鈥撯 together at a faster rate.






Wired vs Wireless?

TP 202004 FUTURE 04Adopting wireless charging permanently will need readjustments. But there do exist differences between wired and wireless. Wired headphones still sound better than wireless headphones because wired transmission of signals is far better. Bluetooth Airpods are highly expensive and less convenient, and not everyone owns one. Also, the environmental impact of wireless devices is greater than that of wired devices.


While wireless charging could be less efficient than wired charging, Apple users are discovering energy efficient phones with no loss of power during transmission. However, this new launch may offset the high demand for a high-margin line of products with related accessories. iPhones that support wireless charging have been on the market for years now, but this feature benefits only wired charging features which would heat the phone itself. Thus, there are very few customers who prefer wireless charging, and removing the lightning ports will make the wired earphones useless.





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In a Nutshell

TP 202004 FUTURE 05This launch by Apple is expected to introduce high margin products with related accessories to its product portfolio. Just as Airpods had a strong impact on the market, these port-less iPhones are expected to contribute positively to Apple鈥檚 new bottom line. As stated, the power wasted by the wired charger is less than that of wireless ones. With the hope that the port-less iPhones will be more efficient than the existing wireless chargers, Apple tweaks the curiosity of its customers to be available soon.


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