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The Best Places to Hear Jazz in Beijing

The Best Places to Hear Jazz in Beijing
By Jordan Snyder

TP 202001 Beijing 06 2There is an almost limitless diversity of the music available in Beijing. This can be seen across the city鈥檚 music festivals, concerts and even its street performers. There are ample opportunities to find your favourite musical genre and Jazz is no exception to this. Read on to discover the best locations to find live performances of Jazz across Beijing.





TP 202001 Beijing 01Modernista is a bar with some simple pub grub with regular performances on the tiny stage. It is not a large venue and the best spots are usually taken early. The upstairs balcony is the preferred spot to gaze down upon the jazz acts that range from gypsy jazz to straight or swing in the heart of the Gulou neighbourhood. People pack in here to dance the night away or just to listen to the bands that are changed every week. Modernista is one of Beijing鈥檚 most consistently progressive jazz venues with Sunday evenings being amongst the most popular. The club is located at 44 Baochao Hutong, Gulou Dongdajie, in Dongcheng District. It is open every day from 6pm until 2am.




Blue Note Beijing

TP 202001 Beijing 02This music venue is a world-renowned jazz club. It is one of Beijing鈥檚 largest traditional jazz venues with a striking interior of pine wood floors and a d茅cor of dark blue. In contrast to the Modernista, the stage is unusually large, where top-notch jazz acts perform on a daily basis. In addition to internationally known musicians, this venue also hosts some up and coming new acts onto the music scene. The price can appear to be a little too high, but worth it when you are entertained by an international jazz act. The club is a renowned location for its high quality food menu, which changes seasonally. There is an impressive entrance with photos of past jazz legends hung along the walkway. It is located at 23 Qianmen East Avenue, Dongcheng District in Beijing.


Blue Note Beijing 浣嶄簬鍖椾含涓滃煄鍖哄墠闂ㄤ笢澶ц23鍙凤紝杩欎釜闊充箰鍦哄湴鏄笘鐣岃憲鍚嶇殑鐖靛+涔愪勘涔愰儴锛屾槸鍖椾含鏈澶х殑浼犵粺鐖靛+涔愬満鍦颁箣涓锛屾嫢鏈変竴娴佺殑鐖靛+涔愭紨鍛橈紝杩樻帴寰呬竴浜涙柊鍨嬬殑闊充箰鐣屼汉澹


Dusk Dawn Club

TP 202001 Beijing 03Most local jazz enthusiasts refer to this club as DDC. It is tucked away deep inside some hutongs close to the National Art Museum. Once inside, visitors will find a warm and friendly atmosphere, home to some excellent performers with a lively dancefloor. There is a mixed programme of jazz, folk and indie rock music. There is also a fine menu of craft and single malt whiskies available in the hip and upscale bar. The DDC is located at 14 Shanlao Hutong in Beijing and is open every day from 2pm until 1am, except Mondays, when it opens from 7pm until midnight. There is no entrance fee/cover charge to visit this club.


鍖椾含榛勬槒榛庢槑淇变箰閮紙Dusk Dawn Club锛夈傜畝绉颁负DDC锛岄殣钘忓湪闈犺繎鍥藉缇庢湳棣嗙殑鑳″悓涓紝姘旀皼娓╂殩鑰屽弸濂斤紝鎻愪緵鐖靛+涔愩佹皯璋e拰鐙珛鎽囨粴涔愮殑娣峰悎婕斿銆


Frank by Ala House

TP 202001 Beijing 04This chic venue is full of an Art Deco d茅cor. The walls are full of geometric carvings, the shelves stacked full of whisky and inviting chairs to entice visitors to stay a while. The speakeasy tone of the live jazz on offer is reminiscent of the roaring 1920s. The quality and energy of the performers are what makes this club one of the best to be found in Beijing. It is located at Chaoyangmen Outer Street, Chao Wai, Chaoyang District in Beijing.


Frank by Ala House銆備綅浜庡寳浜湞闃冲尯鏈濋槼闂ㄥ澶ц锛屽埆鑷寸殑鍦哄湴鍏呮弧鐫鑹烘湳瑁呴グ銆傛紨濂忚呯殑鎶鑹哄拰鍏呮矝鐨勭粡鍘嗕娇杩欏淇变箰閮ㄦ垚涓哄寳浜渶妫掔殑鐖靛+涔愭紨濂忓湴鐐逛箣涓銆


La Plantation

TP 202001 Beijing 05The 鈥楲a Plantation Concert Hall鈥 is one of Beijing鈥檚 top acoustic venues and ideal for jazz performances and chamber music. The building was once a 17-metre-high factory building that has now been renovated into a music venue with a special charm within a beautiful acoustic environment. Jazz concerts are available some Friday and Saturday evenings or Sunday Afternoons. It is located at D Area, Art Base 1, Hegezhuang Village, Shunbai Lu in Chaoyang District. An unusual attraction for this venue is that it is entirely smoke free, no smoking is permitted, which makes it unusual for a jazz venue.


La Plantation 浣嶄簬鏈濋槼鍖洪『鐧借矾浣曞悇搴勮壓鏈熀鍦帮紝鏄寳浜渶椤跺皷鐨勯煶鍝嶅満鎵涔嬩竴锛屾槸鐖靛+涔愬拰瀹ゅ唴涔愮殑鐞嗘兂鍦烘墍銆傝繖閲屾槸鏃犵儫鐨勫満鎵銆

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