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A Piece of Cake

A Piece of Cake
By Karen Wang


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Jane had always been really good at math, and she constantly scored A鈥檚 in her assignments without having to study too hard. Due to some changes in her father鈥檚 work, Jane had to move with her family to a different state within the United States. Even though Jane had already been in her new school for two months, she was still finding it hard to make friends. While she was polite with everyone in class, she never really hung out with anyone after class.


One afternoon however, Jane was approached by two girls 鈥 Melanie and Kate, right after math class.


鈥淛ane, do you want to grab lunch with us?鈥 Kate earnestly asked.


鈥淪ure, I would love to. Thanks for the invite!鈥 Jane happily packed her bag and followed the girls out to the cafeteria.


At the cafeteria, Jane was munching on her sandwich when she saw that Melanie looked really sad.


鈥淢elanie, are you alright? You look a little sad today.鈥 Jane asked gently.


鈥淲ell, I studied really hard for my math exam, but I still only got a C+. Why is math so hard!!鈥 Melanie exclaimed.


鈥淒id you do well for your math exam, Jane?鈥 Kate curiously asked.


鈥淲ell鈥 I actually got an A+鈥 Jane embarrassingly answered.


鈥淲hat?! That鈥檚 amazing! How did you answer question three? That problem was so hard!鈥 Kate responded in awe.


Jane fumbled for her math examination paper and took it out for Kate to see. She then gestured towards the paper and explained how she answered it.


鈥淥h my goodness, you really make it seem like a piece of cake. Can you be my tutor?!鈥 Melanie responded excitedly.


鈥淚 would love to.鈥 Jane smiled happily.

tp 201912 slang 03In this case, there wasn鈥檛 actually a piece of cake involved in the scenario. What Melanie was trying to say, is that Jane made answering that math problem looks easy. To her, she found it extremely hard and complicated, however, Jane made it seem like something very easy.


There is a similar Chinese phrase that goes like this: 灏忚彍涓纰 xi菐oc脿iy矛di茅. The phrase literally translates to 鈥渙ne side dish on a plate鈥. The phrase is used the same way as how 鈥渁 piece of cake鈥 is used. Essentially, both phrases explain how easy something is.


淇氳锛氣淎 piece of cake 鈥濆彲涓嶆槸鈥滀竴鍧楄泲绯曗濈殑鎰忔,鍒紕閿欎簡!


浣滀负鍚冭揣鐨勪綘鐪嬪埌杩欎釜鐭锛岃剳娴蜂腑鏈鍏堟诞鐜扮殑鏄笉鏄竴鍧楃編鍛崇殑铔嬬硶锛熶絾鏄紝涓嶅ソ鎰忔濓紝a piece of cake璺熲滀竴鍧楄泲绯曗濇病鏈夊崐姣涢挶鍏崇郴銆傝繖涓煭璇殑鎰忔濇槸鈥滆交鑰屾槗涓剧殑浜嬧濄佲滃皬鑿滀竴纰熲濄佲滄槗濡傚弽鎺岀殑浜嬧濈瓑銆傚氨鎷垮鑻辫杩欎欢浜嬫儏鏉ヨ锛屾劅鍙楀埌鍏朵腑鐨勬湁瓒d箣澶勶紝寰堝浜哄氨浼氳鑻辫瀛︿範a piece of cake銆傝繖鏄粬浠凡缁忓搧灏濆埌瀛﹁嫳璇殑缇庡婊嬪懗浜嗭紝灏卞儚鍚冭泲绯曚竴鏍凤紒

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