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Simple tips to add more character to your otherwise boring Condo

Simple tips to add more character
to your otherwise boring Condo!
By Anastasia Chapman

TP 201912 INTERIOR 16There is something special about living in a state-of-the-art condo! Most of them are often closer to downtown and are more pocket-friendly than renting or owning a free-standing property. Plus, it has no added exterior maintenance expenses, and on top of it, it houses better indoor amenities than the average, run-of-the-mill apartment buildings.


But with condos, the main problem is they tend to be painfully insipid. Picture spotless white walls, standard fixtures, angular nooks and crannies and little to no style - that's the description of a standard condo for you! Wouldn't it be great if that bland, white cookie-cutter condo had a bit more character and style? If it felt a bit more like home?


We are sure you would love to transform that basic boxy apartment of yours into a lively space that exudes stylish charm. Here are some simple tips to add more style, character and most importantly personal touch to your otherwise boring condo, even if it鈥檚 a rental or short-term purchase.

TP 201912 INTERIOR 17瓒婃潵瓒婂鐨勫崟韬敺鎬у拰濂虫ч夋嫨浜嗗皬鍨嬪叕瀵撱傜劧鑰岋紝灏忓瀷鍏瘬甯︽潵涓涓槑鏄剧殑缂虹偣灏辨槸浣撶Н灏忋傜敱浜庣┖闂存湁闄愶紝瀹ゅ唴璁捐閫氬父鏄竴椤硅壈宸ㄧ殑浠诲姟銆備絾鏄簨瀹炰笂锛屽彧瑕佽璁″ソ锛屽皬浣忓畢涔熷彲浠ヨ鍑哄ぇ鎴垮瓙鐨勬牸灞銆備粖澶╁皬缂栧氨鍜屽ぇ瀹跺垎浜嚑涓皬灞呭閲岀殑璁捐鎶宸э紝鐪嬩竴鐪嬩笉涓鏍风殑娓╅Θ銆


Come Up With Creative Customised Designs For Your Condo


TP 201912 INTERIOR 03You wouldn鈥檛 find much custom design in newly-built condos. DIY your way to creating custom designs to add character to your living space. Fill in any unused or blank corners of your house with custom-built shelves or artwork that match your home and your home only. Weave a story, narrate it through your decorating style and bring an element of you into your condo. Think of creating unique art display corners, and you can even go as far as to make them unique. The whole thing with adding character to your space is giving it special touches that every other home just like yours wouldn't have.

TP 201912 INTERIOR 02涓哄叕瀵撴彁渚涘垱閫犳х殑瀹氬埗璁捐銆傜敤鑷繁涓у寲鐨勫厓绱犳潵DIY鐢熸椿绌洪棿锛屼緥濡傚垱寤虹嫭鐗圭殑鑹烘湳瑙掕惤绛夈


Avoid Fixed Sets


TP 201912 INTERIOR 05If your condo doesn鈥檛 come all fully-furnished, consider it an opportunity to experiment with the d茅cor. And when it comes to buying furniture for the condo, you need to follow a basic rule. It鈥檚 easy to think that buying matching furniture sets will give your place a cohesive feel. But the problem is your condo will start to feel like a showroom and not a lived-in space with personality. The best way to add character to your condo is to mix and match different styles and brands of furniture. You can also use layers of textures throughout the interior to add that luxurious feel to your space.

TP 201912 INTERIOR 04涓哄叕瀵撳娣讳釜鎬у寲鐨勬渶濂芥柟娉曟槸娣峰悎鎼厤涓嶅悓椋庢牸鍝佺墝鐨勫鍏凤紝鎴栫粰瀹ゅ唴澧炴坊澶氬眰绾圭悊鏁堟灉銆


Rotate Accessories and Move Furniture


TP 201912 INTERIOR 09The pain of seeing the same white-washed, bland condo is a real struggle! It鈥檚 difficult to feel such a space is a representation of you and your style, especially when you cannot change any fixed elements. One of the things you could do to change the look of your condo is altering its furniture and decor a bit. Change the cover of the couch, move the lampshade to a different corner, move the coffee table, place new candles or a new showpiece on the shelves, add or remove piles of books, add some fresh flowers, and you will instantly feel refreshed and more excited about the space.

TP 201912 INTERIOR 08鐪嬪埌骞虫贰鏃犲鐨勭櫧鑹插澹侊紝鐪熺殑鏄鏃犳柊鎰忥紒鎮ㄥ彲浠ュ仛鐨勪竴浠朵簨灏辨槸绋嶅井鏀瑰彉涓涓嬪鍏峰拰瑁呴グ銆備緥濡傛洿鎹㈡矙鍙戝锛屽皢鐏Щ鍒板彟涓涓钀斤紝绉诲姩涓涓嬭尪鍑狅紝鍦ㄦ灦瀛愪笂鏀句笂铚$儧鎴栨洿鏂颁竴涓嬮檲鍒楀搧锛屾坊鍔犳垨绉诲幓涓鍫嗕功锛屽啀娣诲姞涓浜涢矞鑺憋紝鎮ㄤ細绔嬪嵆鎰熷埌绁炴竻姘旂埥銆


Invest In Light Fixtures


TP 201912 INTERIOR 10Lighting is often an overlooked aspect of home d茅cor. Honestly, you can jazz up your bland and boring condo in minutes if you consider investing in some decent light fixtures. They are great additions, because they are not just beautiful or functional, but you can also take them along with you when you move properties. Scones or pendants, chandeliers or fan lights, whatever you choose, just make sure the decorative lighting match your condo decor before buying.

TP 201912 INTERIOR 11鐓ф槑閫氬父鏄搴楗颁腑涓涓蹇借鐨勬柟闈€傚鏋滄偍鑰冭檻鎶曡祫璐拱涓浜涗笉閿欑殑鐏叿锛岄偅涔堟偍鍙互鍦ㄥ嚑鍒嗛挓涔嬪唴浣挎偍鐨勪箯鍛冲拰鏃犺亰鐨勫叕瀵撳彉寰楁湁瓒h捣鏉ャ傛棤璁轰粈涔堟牱鐨勭伅鍏凤紝鍙鍦ㄨ喘涔板墠纭繚鍏朵笌鎮ㄧ殑鍏瘬瑁呴グ椋庢牸鐩稿尮閰嶅嵆鍙


Make The Walls Memorable With Removable Wallpapers


TP 201912 INTERIOR 12Paint is great, but removable wallpapers are even better when it comes to adding instant charm to your dull condo d茅cor. Get the best of both worlds, amazing patterns and colours, and it can be changed at any time. Artful adhesive wallpapers are more popular among interior design enthusiasts as they add drama and interest to any room. There are amazing removable murals that can be applied and peeled off easily without any damages - even you are in a rental or short-term living arrangement.

TP 201912 INTERIOR 13灏界鍒锋补婕嗘槸瀹惰鐨勪紶缁熼夋嫨锛屼絾鏄湪涓哄钩娣$殑鍏瘬澧炲姞榄呭姏鏃讹紝澹佺焊鐢氳嚦鏄洿濂藉湴閫夋嫨銆傚绾告紓浜殑鍥炬鍜岃壊褰╁彲浠ラ殢鏃舵洿鏀广傝嚜绮樺紡澹佺焊鍙互杞绘澗鐨勭矘璐村拰鍓ョ锛岃屼笉浼氬鎮ㄧ殑澧欏閫犳垚浠讳綍鎹熷潖銆


Dress Your Windows


TP 201912 INTERIOR 14Though often short on charm and space, the average downtown condo mostly has large windows that let in natural light. You can use drapery in shades and patterns of your choice to draw attention to windows with views. From soft pastels, floral to sheer fabrics to luxurious velvet - dress up your windows with colourful treatments. And with large windows, you can always hang the draperies higher than the windows to make the room seem taller.




Add In Natural Elements


TP 201912 INTERIOR 19Living in a downtown condo will often make you miss the countryside living amidst greenery and the numerous bounties of nature. Fret not, why not design a space incorporating natural materials, textures and styles! Put together a decor by contrasting lustre and luxury with raw, organic elements to create balance. For instance - a wood plank wall, a beamed ceiling, rattan wicker chairs, brick wallpaper and a variety of indoor plants can effortlessly and instantaneously create a cosy, full-of-character living space.

TP 201912 INTERIOR 18鐢熸椿鍦ㄥ競涓績涔呬簡锛岄氬父浼氳浣犳蹇靛ぇ鑷劧鐨勭編涓介鏅紝閭d箞涓轰粈涔堜笉璁捐涓涓寘鍚ぉ鐒舵潗鏂欙紝绾圭悊鍜屾牱寮忕殑绌洪棿鍛紒渚嬪锛屾湪鏉垮锛屾í姊佸ぉ鑺辨澘锛岃棨鍒惰棨妞咃紝鐮栧绾稿拰鍚勭瀹ゅ唴妞嶇墿绛夌瓑鍏冪礌銆

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