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Benefits of Biotin for Hair, Skin and Nails

The Truth
Benefits of Biotin for Hair, Skin and Nails
By Barbara Ross

TP 201912 NUTRITION 02Look up any hair and nail health article online and you鈥檒l see the first recommendation to be Biotin supplements. Clearly, we know that Biotin is something that benefits the hair, skin and nails. It鈥檚 appears as no rocket science.


But is it really true?


What exactly is Biotin? How much of it do we really need? And does it actually promote hair, skin and nail health?


Let鈥檚 address all these questions and bring to light the importance of Biotin in our body. Especially if you鈥檙e someone who tried supplements and didn鈥檛 seem to work, breaking down the role of the nutrient can help you figure out where you went wrong.




What is Biotin?


TP 201912 NUTRITION 05Biotin is essentially a water soluble B vitamin; that is, it is a part of the B complex family of vitamins. Needless to say, just like all B vitamins, it is very crucial for general health and overall well-being. It is also called Vitamin H or Vitamin B7. The 鈥淗鈥 in Vitamin H, stood for 鈥淗aar and Haut鈥, which is German for hair and skin.


It mostly helps convert food into energy, which makes it essential for basic living. Additionally, as mentioned before, it is known to improve hair, skin and nail health. We鈥檒l discuss that in a bit.






Why do you need Biotin?


TP 201912 NUTRITION 03Biotin performs many different functions in the body, the main one being conversion of food into energy. Being water soluble, our body is not capable of storing it, which makes it necessary for us to consume Biotin on a daily basis.


It also aids in the functioning of enzymes called carboxylases that play a vital role in the production of glucose and other fatty acids in the body.




How much Biotin do you need in a day?


TP 201912 NUTRITION 08The commonly recommended consumption level is about 5 Mcg (Micrograms) of Biotin per day among infants and about 30 Mcg among adults. Among breastfeeding women though, the recommendation is 35 Mcg per day.


Since our bodies need Biotin in fairly small quantities on a daily basis, there are lesser chances for a Biotin deficiency. It is easily available on an average diet.


However, in special cases like Celiac disease or during pregnancy, there may arise a mild deficiency, in which case the symptoms would be dry, patchy skin, excessive hair loss, brittle nails, etc.


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Benefits of Biotin for the hair skin and nails


TP 201912 NUTRITION 06 鍓湰According to a study conducted among 8 participants with brittle nails, the nail health and thickness of the entire lot improved by 25% after regularly consuming 2.5 Mcg of Biotin per day for around 6 to 15 months.


There have also been several other similar studies conducted on participants with brittle nails, most of which resulted positively, after regular consumption of Biotin.


Even so, there have not been any extensive researches conducted on how exactly Biotin cures brittle nails. However, a deficiency of Biotin is known to cause brittle nails.

TP 201912 NUTRITION 07Similarly, in terms of hair health, Biotin is known to promote healthy, strong and long hair. However, there is very little evidence to support this claim. Once again, a deficiency of Biotin leads to severe hair loss which points to the fact that it is important for hair health.


For the same reason, Biotin supplements are often marketed as a remedy or a solution for hair loss or damaged hair.


What should be noted here is that hair loss may occur due to a number of other factors, including a deficiency of Biotin. Hence, Biotin supplements may only provide significant results in cases where there actually is a Biotin deficiency. It does not cover for other forms of hair damage.

TP 201912 NUTRITION 04For skin health too, Biotin deficiency may be one of many reasons causing dry and troubled skin, which makes it effective for people with a real deficiency of the same.


If you鈥檝e been taking Biotin supplements with no substantial improvement in your skin or hair health, it may be time to rethink your diet.









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