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Smartboards. A Dumb Initiative for Schools?

A Dumb Initiative for Schools?
By Nina Mitchell

TP 201912 EDUCATION 02Do you want to make your school smart with the latest technological advancements? Have you given a thought on modernizing the classrooms by replacing the normal class boards with smartboards? Well, before you make your decision, do check the feasibility of getting smartboards installed for schools.


If you believe that smartboards are the dumb initiative for schools, it is the time to explore this deeper. Let鈥檚 find out why investing in smartboards is the last thing that should be on your mind when you are upgrading your schools with new technology:


TP 201912 EDUCATION 03Expensive method of learning


If you think that smartboards will add to the convenience and make kids smarter to the extent that will overdo the fact of how expensive smartboards are, then probably you are wrong. They are super costly and are just a means to add a little amusement in class.


It does not, in any way, help kids to learn better, as using it doesn鈥檛 involve kids, but teachers. It may be convenient for teachers, but could turn out to be time-consuming, too.


The same things can be performed with already present technology. Though it lets you save content easily which is not the case with chalkboards, this can also be done by using an overhead projector, using Microsoft One Note and other viable alternatives.




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TP 201912 EDUCATION 0E4Just a means of attraction


As said, smartboards will not help in making kids smart or ease their process of learning. Using smartboards doesn鈥檛 include students at all, but the teachers. Not in any way, smartboards help in giving teaching lessons easily. The content must be controlled by the teacher, which is better done on Chalkboards due to their ease of use.


It just adds extra baggage for the teachers as they struggle with controlling the content on it. Smartboards are just a way to add standard and luxury to the classroom without an inch of uselessness.





TP 201912 EDUCATION 06Acts as an administrative cop-out


With no specific use of smartboards, there is not a reason to invest in them. However, the only reason that makes schools install smartboards is that administrators want to spend the extra money and show it in their books. Administrators are evaluated for their contributions to making the schools better.


Therefore, they prefer to spend on visible items that could add value to their spreadsheets and reports. And also when asked about what they want extra funds for, they can proudly answer what for? They choose to spend on big countable items rather than on learning plans. Thus, smartboards can act as a way out for administrators.





TP 201912 EDUCATION 08Leads to distraction


Smartboards in class are just for those tech-savvy teachers who love to find new ways of teaching. Smartboards also limit the mobility of the teachers as they have to stick around at a place near the smartboards to carry forward their lessons.





TP 201912 EDUCATION 05It's surely not a device that will enhance the ability of a teacher to teach better, but it can make students engage better.


So, these were some of the reasons why smartboards are a dumb initiative for schools. Investing such a lump sum amount in such a device for next to none benefits is just illogical and impractical.

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