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Cell Phones Should Be Allowed In Schools?

Cell Phones Should Be Allowed In Schools?
By Nina Mitchell

TP 201912 EDUCATION 01 23Using cell phones in schools can change the way of teaching and has other far-reaching benefits. Some of the top reasons cell phones should be allowed in schools include:




Adds to a sense of security


TP 201912 EDUCATION 05In schools, where learning is overruled with violent activities as severe as gun violence, cell phones can provide a sense of security to children going to such schools. In schools, where ragging, bullying, and violence have reached the next level, cell phones can help them in reaching out to the right people in time.


Cell phones can provide means to call for emergency services, call their parents or helpline number in case of serious circumstances. It can make them feel safe and be safe at the same time.




Helps in clarifying queries


TP 201912 EDUCATION 04Not every child is comfortable standing up to clear his query. This makes them keep wondering about it and lose attention to the rest of the topic. Also, no teacher can entertain small queries from every kid due to the lack of time. In such circumstances, having cell phones at hand can help the kids to research the query there and then, so that he can better understand the lesson thereafter.




Encourages virtual learning


TP 201912 EDUCATION 06Practical or virtual learning is better than just trying to read and understand the textbook. Cell phones make learning more interesting and easily understandable. Using videos to ease learning through the use of cell phones will make concepts clearer and enjoyable. Teachers can pull up a video to let students watch it and continue with the after to make teaching easy. This will also help in saving time.




Can make children more organized


TP 201912 EDUCATION 07Cell phones provide access to various applications that can help students in staying organized and disciplined. Cell phones can help them in submitting assignments quicker. It can definitely eliminate situations like forgetting homework at home, failed with completing assignments and such. The right usage of cell phones in free classes can also create a better learning environment among students.




Makes a means to interact


TP 201912 EDUCATION 02For introverts who like to be in their own world, who are not sure how to start a conversation, having their cell phones can find a path to health interaction. Cell phones can be used to start a conversation. Students can learn about each other better with their search engine choices and results. Also, listening to music in free time and sharing your taste of music can strike a chord and can help in starting a new friendship based on similar likes and dislikes.




Can help in saving a lot of money


TP 201912 EDUCATION 03Why not make use of a device in education that is ubiquitous, and can actually turn students excited about studies? Yes, cell phone usage once incorporated rightly into education can turn out to be economical for the schools. It will make learning more interactive and enjoyable.




Helps in keeping sensitive issues private


TP 201912 EDUCATION 10No kid will like to be screamed over in corridors when called in office for detention or wrongdoings. Such sensitive issues should be dealt with privately, without making the student feel humiliated. If you think humiliating the student can make a difference in the behaviour, you are on the wrong track.


Cell phones work well in dealing with such issues. Sending a personalized message on the cell phone can make the student react faster and can better reflect on their wrongdoings.


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Provides knowledge instantly


TP 201912 EDUCATION 09Not necessarily, the teacher has to have knowledge about everything. In circumstances when teachers are also not sure of the facts and figures being taught, taking the help of Google is not something to be looked down upon. With cell phones at hand, we have the right knowledge at the right time without awaiting the answer until the next class.


So, these were some of the reasons cell phones should be allowed in schools, ensuring that they are used for the right purpose and with prior guidelines, rules, and safety instructions.



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