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New Ways to Style Plaid Skirts

New Ways to Style Plaid Skirts
By Barbara Ross

TP 201911 FASHION 11 2Our 鈥渟un dress鈥 days are almost over. Cooler months are right around the corner; time to find ways to look cute in sweaters, suedes and plaids.

According to the fashion capitals of the world, some of the biggest trends of this Fall/Winter season include bright coloured sweater dresses, leopard prints and the quintessential plaid skirts. Needless to say, plaid skirts are here to stay and all the high fashion brands are finding new ways to bring edge to the classic style.

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Plaid skirt suit sets


TP 201911 FASHION 0Normally people tend to shy away from single printed head-to-toe looks. But not anymore. A plaid skirt suit set would probably be one of the most fashionable looks you can pull off this season. You can also pair a co-ordinate set of a blazer and a pencil skirt in plaid prints with a plain preferably neutral coloured inner shirt. As far as the colours are concerned, it is always best not to go for bright colours. Plaids are already pretty loud for a head-to-toe look. Hence, it鈥檚 best to stick to neutral or muted coloured plaid prints and a matching inner shirt.



Layered under another skirt

TP 201911 FASHION 13 2If you鈥檙e a street style enthusiast, then you鈥檙e going to love this style. The trendsetters in street fashion these days are sporting a rather edgy, but cool trend; plaid skirts layered underneath another skirt. For instance, a longer tea length plaid skirt can be worn under a distressed knee length denim skirt, preferably with a centre slit. That way, the plaid skirt will peek through from underneath the denim and the frayed hemlines of the denim will render a grunge look. You could go for any kind of skirt on top, ideally something with a bigger flare than the plaid skirt underneath for more room.



Paired with a cardigan

TP 201911 FASHION 02 2When royalty starts wearing a particular trend, you know it鈥檚 officially a norm. Kate Middleton stepped out wearing a pleated midi length red plaid skirt with a black button down cardigan. It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to style a plaid skirt, while maintaining class and sophistication. Of course you can complete the look with knee length boots. As for colours, it would be good to have one matching element in colours between the skirt and the cardigan; for example, a brown or red cardigan with a brown and red plaid skirt.



Sheer plaid skirts over pants

TP 201911 FASHION 04 2A slightly edgier, but super stylish way is to go for a sheer and flowy plaid skirt; as opposed to the norm of opaque plaids. You can either wear it alone with a feminine elegant blouse for a sweet look, or for a grunge look you could wear a pair of jeans underneath the sheer skirt and top it off with a sweater on top and a pair of boots. Once again, a street style way of wearing a plaid skirt.



Pencil plaids with crop tops

TP 201911 FASHION 05A rather raging 鈥渕illennial鈥 trend is the crop top trend. Of course, we can鈥檛 get enough of it anyway. So why not style it with a classic plaid skirt?

For this you can go for a midi length plaid pencil skirt with a paper bag waist to make it 鈥2019鈥 and pair it with a tight fitting crop top. For colours, you could use any fall colours. Since crop tops have a certain quality of making any look beautiful, you can pull off this plaid skirt style with little effort.



Plaid Skorts

TP 201911 FASHION 07Skorts are another super stylish millennial silhouette that women love these days. High fashion brands are already making plaids in skorts. Cute little mini plaid skorts with asymmetrical overlays can look especially good with an oversized sweater. You could also go for symmetrical skorts paired with feminine blouses for a more sophisticated look.



Keep this style guide handy when you鈥檙e switching up your summer wardrobe with fall outfits and you鈥檒l be the next trendsetter.

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